Photocatalytic Applications

Date: 06 Sep 2004 - 06 Sep 2004

Venue: SIMTech, Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3


This seminar presents TiO2 photocatalytic reaction for self-cleaning of a building surface, killing of bacteria on tiles and glass as well as air purification in air conditioners using solar energy. As Singapore is endowed with year-round abundant solar energy, tapping this new technology will spawn new markets for industry.

Seminar Topics (Presentation slides on Acrobat Reader version 5 and above)

1. Environmental Application of Photocatalytic Reactions by Prof Kiminori Itoh from Yokohama National University, Japan

2. Design and Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Applications by A/Prof Hua Chun Zeng, National University of Singapore 

3. Taylor Vortex Photocatalytic Reactor for Water Purification by A/Prof Ajay K Ray, National University of Singapore 

4. Solar Driven TiO2 Self-Cleaning Coating for Building Surface by Dr Chris Cai, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology