Micro-Moulding Process, Micro Mould Fabrication Technologies and Applications of Polymer MEMS

Date: 11 Aug 2004 - 15 Sep 2004

Venue: Seminar Room, Level 1, Valley Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive Singapore 638075

This practical course introduces the emerging micro-moulding process technologies that can be used for mass production of polymer micro components for MEMS applications. Participants will have the opportunity to operate the state-of-the-art material processing and testing facilities.

Course Outline:
- Introduction to Micro-systems Technologies and Applications of Polymer MEMS
- Micro-Moulding Machine Development and Micro-Moulding Process
- Polymer Materials for Micro-Moulding Applications
- Micro-Moulding Design and Fabrication Technologies
- Advanced Micro Fabrication Technologies for Micro-inserts
- Micro-components Handling and Inspection Technologies

Who Should Attend :
Materials Engineers, Process Engineers, Production Engineers, Researchers, Lecturers, and Technicians from the Precision/Manufacturing/Bio-Medical Engineering, Photonic and Automotive Engineering clusters.

Course Leaders :
Dr Liu Songlin is a Senior Research Engineer at SIMTech. He received his Master’s and PhD degrees from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the National University of Singapore respectively. Prior to joining SIMTech, Dr Liu worked in the Institute of Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, the City University of Hong Kong and the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE). He has been actively working on the morphology-structure-properties of polymeric materials and characterisations.

Dr Liu Xiang Dong obtained his Bachelor degree in machine building from Hunan University, China in 1981 and his Master’s and PhD in metal cutting at South China University of Technology in 1985 and 1989, respectively. He had worked in the National University of Singapore before joining SIMTech in 1993. Currently, he is a senior scientist in SIMTech. His main research areas include ultra-sonic vibration-assisted cutting using diamond tools, ultra-precision micro-machining, hard-to machine material, metal cutting mechanics, CAD/CAM application and 5-axis machining and mechanical design.

Dr Marcin Debowski is a Senior Research Engineer in the Forming Technology Group at SIMTech. He obtained his PhD from the Technical University of Gdansk (Poland). Prior to joining SIMTech in 2001, Dr Debowski worked with the Material Science and Technology of Polymers Group at The University of Twente (The Netherlands) where he devoted most of his time to SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) aka Atomic Force Microscopy investigation and characterisation of various polymeric and composite materials. He has been actively involved in a number of projects most of them on characterisation and morphology of polymeric systems by contemporary microscopy techniques.

Dr Zhao Jianhong is currently a Research Scientist in SIMTech. He obtained his PhD from the Loughborough University, UK in polymer engineering. Prior to joining SIMTech, he had worked in China, UK, and Canada in both the academia and research institutes. He has extensive R&D experience in extrusion, injection molding, transfer molding, compounding, polymer composite fabrication as well as rheology and process simulation and control. Dr Zhao leads the polymer processing development activities in SIMTech, and is currently the President of the Plastics and Rubber Institute of Singapore.

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