Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy by Prof Ludwig Josef Balk of Wuppertal University, Germany

Date: 12 Feb 2004 - 12 Feb 2004

Venue: SIMTech, Training Room 1, Tower Block, 71 Nanyang Drive


Due to the shrinkage of the dimensions within electronic devices far below the wavelength of visible light, new techniques have to be used for visualisation of their structure. One candidate for this is the method of scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM).

After a general explanation of near-field microscopies, a SNOM set-up is introduced which is suitable for industrial application. Examples shown will demonstrate its usefulness for the investigation of ULSI circuits. In spite of the high achievable resolution, however, the interpretation of contrasts within micrographs has to be very careful, as addressed by examples of artifacts.

Further application of the SNOM technique will be possible by combining it with other well-known methods of reliability testing like optical induced current or cathodoluminescence. This will be shown for various optoelectronic materials and devices as well as some high frequency components.