Micro Devices Fabrication and Packaging

Date: 27 Aug 2003 - 27 Aug 2003

Venue: Seminar Room 1, IMRE

The fast and continuous technological growth in the field of microsystems technology has made possible the fabrication and the commercial availability of a variety of micro-integrated sensors and actuators with high performance, and at reduced costs. Microsystems have reached the fields of telecommunications, biotechnology, environmental monitoring, information technology and others. With the incorporating of new materials and processes into microfabrication technology and packaging, new products and extended applications are emerging.

Symposium topics include : MEMS Biosensors Arrays by Dr Sean O'Shea (IMRE); Wafer-level Packaging for Microsystems by Dr Wei Jun (SIMTech); MEMS Drug Delivery Components and Systems by Dr Xu Yuan (IMRE); Micro-imprint Process for Optical Components Fabrication by Dr Shan Xue Chuan (SIMTech); High-performance Pizoelectric Materials and Miniaturised Devices by Dr Yao Kui (IMRE) and Development of a MEMS-based Power Generator by Dr Wang ZhenFeng (SIMTech).