Invited Research Lecture: Roll-to-Roll Microstructuring of Functional Films

Date: 30 Jul 2013 - 30 Jul 2013

Venue: SIMTech Training Room, Tower Block, Level 3

SIMTech 20th Anniversary Seminar Series
Joint NTU/MAE-SIMTech Seminar
Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Technologies - Advances in Microstructuring /Nano Patterning of Functional Films
Guest Speaker: Professor Lee Yung-Chun, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
Roll-to-roll manufacturing process bring new opportunities for both the research community and the local manufacturing industry as a technology platform for validating and realizing new/ advance concepts to commercializing of ideas via large scale manufacturability.  R2R manufacturing is a versatile and yet cost efficient manufacturing process that can bring about a disruptive manufacturing approach to some of the existing conventional forming process for forming of 3-D micro microlens array, micro-channels, large area optical diffusers, etc.  However, depending on feature size, sag height or aspect ratio, surface roughness, optical profile, etc., technologies limitation in seamless roller mold fabrication can be a hindrance to process scale up. This joint seminar between SIMTech and MAE/NTU shares the opportunities in large area R2R manufacturing as well as the advances and innovations made for forming micro/nano patterns functional films for different applications. It serves as a platform to solicit needs and collaboration from both research and industry communities in R2R manufacturing technologies.

New Methods for Fabricating Micro/Nano-Structures and Their Industrial Applications
This presentation introduces several new methods recently developed at NCKU for fabricating micro/nano-structure films for various industrial application. These include I. Fabrication of seamless roller molds fabricated by curved surface photolithography for roller imprinting of ball-shaped microlens arrays to form brightness enhancement film for flat panel display (FPD) industry; II. Soft photo-mask for contact photolithography at sub-micrometer scale over large patterning area (2", 4" and 6"), with the application in industrial manufacturing of patterned sapphire substrates (PSSs) used in light-emitting diodes (LEDs); III. UV beam penlithography for nano-patterningand for fabrication of highly oriented nano-particles, which demonstrate strong localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) phenomena and the potential for opto-electronic applications; IV. Excimer laser micromachining of aspheric microlens arrays having extremely high focusing ability, with the application formask-less and multi-beam patterning of micro-structures over large-area.
Metal Roller Mould Micro Structure Machining for Roll-to-Roll Printing
High resolution roll-to-roll functional printing requires metal roller mould with high fidelity micro features to enable high precision functional printing. The presentation introduces several machining methods of making metal moulds for R2R printing, which are recently developed by SIMTech, including micro milling of large metal foil mould with micro prism array using customized single crystalline diamond tools, micro machining of metal plate master mould with lenticular lens array, ultra-precision machining of metal roller mould with micro pyramid array and ultra-precision micro engraving of metal roller mould with sub-20 micron features and sub-10 nanometer surface roughness to meet the high resolution printing requirements.
Large Area Processing of Functional Films 
Emerging applications such as large area optical modulation, building integrated photovoltaics, flexible electronics and large area ambient lighting are driving research and innovation in disruptive technologies including functional materials, manufacturing processes and device design. Unlike semiconductor fabrication which batch processing of wafers, roll-to-roll processing will enable functional materials to be deposited on thin, lightweight, flexible and transparent plastic films. This presentation will address market opportunities, technology drivers and research challenges in printable functional materials, scalable high-precision roll-to-roll manufacturing and web metrology. 

About the Speakers
Prof Lee Yung-Chun
 received his PhD degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. He joined the department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan in 1997 and is now a full professor. His recent research activities focus on micro/nano-fabrication using nano-imprinting, contact printing, roller imprinting, and excimer laser micromachining methods. He has been the PI for three consecutive national nano-projects in Taiwan since 2004. 

Dr Liu Kui received his PhD degree from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2002. He is currently a Scientist and Team Lead at SIMTech, and an adjunct assistant professor in NUS since 2005. He is an active researcher in both the research and industrial communities. His research interests include ultra-precision machining, micro/nano machining, ductile machining of brittle materials, high speed machining, micro EDM, diamond tool fabrication, deburring and edge modification. He is a senior member of Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME), euspen and Japan Society of Professional Engineers (JSPE).

Dr Albert Lu is Programme Manager and Senior Scientist with the Large Area Processing Programme at SIMTech. He currently leads a multi-disciplinary research team on disruptive manufacturing processes and multi-functional integration for functional films and printed electronics. He was the recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science in Singapore, and the Institution of Electrical Engineers Prize in United Kingdom.

1.45pm      Registration 
2.00pm      New Methods for Fabricating Micro/Nano-Structures and Their Industrial                            Applications by Prof Lee Yung-Chun, Professor & Chair, Department of Mechanical                    Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
3.00pm      Metal Roller Mould Micro Structure Machining for R2R Printing by Dr Liu Kui,                      Scientist, SIMTech 
3.30pm      Opportunities in R2R Manufacturing Technologies by Dr Albert Lu, Programme                      Manager, Large Area Processing Programme, SIMTech

4.00pm      Q&A

4.30pm      End

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