Emerging Applications and Opportunities in Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Integrating Printed Electronics with Semiconductor Devices

Date: 06 Oct 2016 - 07 Oct 2016

Venue: Marina Bay Sands

Flexible printed electronics, one of the growing technologies in the world, is fast becoming mainstream. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), printed electronics offers tremendous opportunities in creating and integrating smart systems, devices and wearables for everyday use at low cost. At compound annual growth rate of more than 33%, the printed electronics sector is projected to reach a market value of over USD40 billion by year 2020.

Organised by SEMI FlexTech Alliance and supported by Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), FLEX Southeast Asia 2016 conference presents an overview on the convergence of semiconductors and large area printed electronics to create flexible yet affordable hybrid electronics. The conference features a comprehensive range of topics on semiconductors, printed electronics as well as the potential applications and challenges in integrating printed electronics into semiconductor devices. The conference promises to be an insightful platform for one to explore the opportunities that comes with the convergence of two traditionally distinct sectors to develop products of the future.

Alongside with the conference, a printed electronics exhibition showcasing the latest innovations and development in this emerging sector will be also present to facilitate interaction and learning between end-users, manufacturers, system integrators and potential players.

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