Seminar on Advanced Coatings for Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Date: 24 Apr 2013 - 24 Apr 2013

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

Seminar on Advanced Coatings for Corrosion and Wear

The seminar on Advanced Coatings for Corrosion and Wear will take place on Wednesday 24 March 2013  from 12:30pm to 6pm at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Annual corrosion costs in Singapore amount to more than 4% of GDP. Due to its widespread occurrence, corrosion affects most industrial sectors. Thus, good understanding of the nature of corrosion together with proper protection and maintenance practices is imperative to save a significant percentage of corrosion costs. Reliable testing and performance evaluation are crucial, including field testing and laboratory acceleration tests. Similarly, the application of appropriate coatings is essential for optimum corrosion protection. Another related area of protecting metals is the application of wear resistant hard coatings to prevent or delay surface damage due to contacting moving parts or due to external factors such as erosion, scratching, or abrasion. The seminar aims to address issues of corrosion testing, and application of coatings for corrosion protection and wear resistance.

Focus areas will be:

- Corrosion and wear problems in industries
- Corrosion testing and investigation facilities, and training programmes
- Coatings technologies for corrosion and wear protection

The seminar will also showcase an exhibition with industry participation featuring various products and applications.

Key trends, new developments as well as established capabilities will be presented and discussed in the Seminar. These will not only benefit participant's product development process and productivity but also provide deeper insight on corrosion and wear problems and relevant protection methods.

SIMTech undertakes various initiatives to help local industry in the area of corrosion and wear protection.  These include a series of training courses (funded and certified by WDA) as well as planned Collaborative Industry Projects on corrosion testing, and corrosion and wear protection to be launched in 2013. The Seminar will provide the opportunity to hear from participants and collect invaluable feedback for SIMTech upon which the upcoming project scopes will be defined.

SIMTech has excellent facilities and researchers covering coating technologies which can be used for corrosion prevention and wear protection. These technologies include corrosion testing methodologies, sol-gel based protective coatings, physical vapour deposition (PVD) coatings, chemical conversion coatings, and electroless nickel coatings. Of these, corrosion testing methodologies, sol-gel coatings and PVD coatings will be highlighted in the Seminar.

SIMTech has also developed PVD thin film coatings ranging from conventional to advanced super hard and super tough nanocomposite coatings for wear protection. In particular, the nanocomposite has successfully been deployed on components and tools used in the PE industry realised noticeable service life extension. From which the reduction in equipment down time translates into costs saving, i.e. reduction in frequent stoppages for tools change, hence productivity improvement.



Registration and Networking


Opening address


PECOI PE-Metal Industry Initiative
Mr Rick Yeo, Lead for PE-Metal


Keynote Presentation: Corrosion and Wear Problems in Offshore Industry
Professor Robert Wood, National Centre of Advanced Tribology, University of Southampton, UK


Keynote Presentation: Tailor-made Corrosion Protection
Dr Juergen Walter, Regional Technical Manager, Whitford Pte Ltd


PVD Coating for Wear Resistance
Dr Zeng Xianting, Senior Scientist & Team Leader, PVD Coatings, SIMTech



Tea break and Networking


Coating Failures
Mr Andy Foo Kai Teng, General Manager, Elcometer (Asia) Pte Ltd


Corrosion Protective Sol-gel Coatings with Abrasion Resistance
Dr Sandor Nemeth, Scientist, SIMTech


Corrosion Testing and Investigation Technique
Dr Sudesh Wijesinghe, Scientist, SIMTech


CIP Proposal and Graduate Diploma Courses for Advanced Coating
Dr Qi Guojun, Group Manager, Surface Technology Group, SIMTech


Roundtable Discussion with Industry


Presentation & Summary of Roundtable Discussion


End of Roundtable Discussion

About the Speakers

Professor Robert Wood is Professor of Surface Engineering and Tribology within Engineering Sciences of the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton and has 25 years research experience in the field of tribology and surface engineering. He has spent several years at BP Research, researching into erosion and corrosion resistant coatings and returned to Southampton in 1993 to re-establish surface engineering/tribology research. He is the director of the National Centre for Advanced Tribology, nCATS.

Professor Wood has research interests in rain, cavitation and solid particle erosion, erosion-corrosion interactions and modelling; tribological and multifunctional coating design and performance, biomimetic coatings for anti-fouling; electrochemical control of interfacial friction; particle modelling in pipe bends by swirl dispersion of particles.

This talk will look at certain aspects of offshore and marine related tribocorrosion of components affected by combined wear-corrosion interactions. The variety of possible interactions between mechanical and corrosion processes and materials/coatings will be discussed based on real service situations. It will also explore whether we need to compromise between high wear and high corrosion resistance to obtain good tribocorrosion resistance. Cases where resistance against third body (abrasives/erodents) induced wear-corrosion is important as well as sliding wear-corrosion are presented.  Examples will be used such as pump impellers, drilling equipment, propellers and valve inserts and will include erosion-corrosion, abrasion-corrosion and sliding wear-corrosion of marine and offshore materials and coated systems.

Dr Juergen Walter completed his PhD at the University of Ulm, Germany. He has over 15 years' experience in industrial coatings covering areas like concrete protection and functional PTFE coating solution. He joined Whitford Pte Ltd in Singapore in 2007 as a Regional Technical Manager responsible for the Asia Pacific region.

Corrosion has been the number one issue over the years for fasteners, bolts and nuts. Traditional methods to protect the metal surface like galvanizing have been failing in areas where long term corrosion resistance and exposure to harsh environmental conditions is required. The presentation will cover some of the solutions Whitford has been providing to the industry, not only to improve corrosion resistance but adding additional values like torque control.

Dr Sandor Nemeth earned his PhD at Syracuse University, USA. After post-doctoral positions at Texaco R&D Department, Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc., and Virginia Commonwealth University he joined PSB in Singapore and participated in the testing and development of polymer related materials and coatings. Dr Nemeth started working in SIMTech in 2001, focusing on the development of functional coatings, especially sol-gel coatings with corrosion protective function as well as abrasion and scratch resistance.

Corrosion protective coatings often rely on epoxy or polyurethane binders which can provide good performance. However, such coatings may require high dry film thickness of hundreds of micrometres. Alternative coating technology shall be presented based on sol-gel coatings that are capable of providing excellent corrosion protection even in relatively thin layers of about 50 microns on steel and 10 microns on aluminium. Using thin coating layers can save substantial coating material. In addition, sol-gel coatings have excellent abrasion and scratch resistance that will be described briefly. 

Mr Andy Foo Kia Teng  has spent 18 years from 1971 in the coatings industry with responsibility for coatings inspection and supervision, production  and sales management. He joined Elcometer Instruments in 1989 and has been involved in sales, product training, paint testing and coating inspection in the field as well as in laboratories. He has been a member of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) for more than 25 years and is a trustee in the Singapore Founding Chapter of NACE and a trustee in the Corrosion Association of Singapore. He is a NACE - Certified Coating Inspector Level 3.

This topic will discuss common types of corrosion on steel structures on offshore structures, ships, marine installations, refineries, chemical plants and bridges. It will also cover various types of coating defects which can give rise to premature coating failure and resultant corrosion, the causes and the rectification works that are recommended to correct such defects. 

Dr Sudesh Wijesinghe is a Scientist at SIMTech, specialising in the areas of corrosion and electrochemistry. Sudesh received his PhD from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2005. He then became a Research Fellow in the same department, worked until 2008. He joined SIMTech in 2008 with an interest in developing capabilities in corrosion testing and research under Surface Technology Group. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of National University of Singapore (NUS). 

Corrosion can cause dangerous and expensive damage and there is estimation that it costs Singapore more than 3% of GDP. Driven by fundamental natural forces, corrosion is related to all the industrial sectors. A good understanding of the mechanisms of corrosion together with proper prevention and maintenance practices is imperative to save a significant percentage of maintenance costs.  Reliable testing and performance evaluation, including field testing and laboratory acceleration tests, are crucial for establishing such understanding and practices. It is also essential to eliminate the malpractices about corrosion testing which could lead to erroneous conclusions. The objective of this presentation is to highlight the vital corrosion testing and characterisation practices needed for manufacturing sector based on atmospheric exposure tests, accelerated laboratory (chamber) tests and electrochemical tests. 

Who Should Attend
CEOs, CTOs, technical/engineering and management staff of SMEs and researchers who are interested or involved in corrosion testing, corrosion protection, and wear protection activities. This seminar is also open to PE members. 

Online Registration
Registration for this seminar is free of charge. All are welcome.

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