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Research and development in technology needs capital outlay and access to relevant human capital – two of the scarce resources of companies, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  SIMTech, by contributing the research expertise and facilities, is a catalyst for industry partners to create new technologies for applications in industry. 

Through a consortia/CIP approach, SIMTech accelerates adoption of technologies relevant to the manufacturing ecosystem by sharing resources and expertise with groups of industry and research partners with similar technology needs.

Example of recent CIPs are highlighted below.

For more information on collaboration opportunities, please contact us at tel: +65 6793 8388;
email: ido@SIMTech.a-star.edu.sg.


    CIP on Photochemical Etching for Medical Devices
Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI)

SIMTech’s PE COI offers a broad spectrum of technologies, manpower training, consultancy, and comprehensive facilities to meet the manufacturing needs of local precision engineering companies. PE COI has launched several Collaborative Industry Projects (CIPs) and supplier development projects. The CIP on photochemical etching is designed to enhance the technical capabilities of local precision engineering contract manufacturers so as to help them better serve the needs of medtech multinational companies (MNCs) in the region. In addition to developing improved photochemical etching processes, SIMTech also provides training to engineers from each participating company with the goal of transferring knowledge and process know-how to the local industry.
  CIP on 3D Additive Manufacturing Capabilities of Metal and Polymer Parts
Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI)

SIMTech’s 3D Additive Manufacturing (3D AM) CIP has helped participants from both local SMEs and MNCs quickly scale the learning curve in this technology. The CIP is designed to demonstrate 3D AM process capabilities, walking the participants through design to process optimisation, material preparation and handling, product processing to secondary operations.  Companies have successfully used this CIP for adoption and commercial use of 3D AM technology while leveraging on SIMTech’s know-how and facilities.
  CIP on Item Management and Inventory Tracking System
Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC)

SIMTech’s MPTC promotes the use of technology to enhance manufacturing productivity by improving efficiency and effectiveness. It also strives to create increased value with innovation and development of high-value products and services. After completing this CIP, a number of local companies have expanded their capabilities to delivering item management and inventory tracking solutions to other local small and medium enterprises, using RFID-based technologies licensed from SIMTech.  
  CIP on Aircraft Cabin Components Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing Centre (SMC)

SIMTech has successfully helped develop the technical capabilities and competitiveness of the local supplier base in light-weighting technologies, a key theme in sustainable manufacturing.  Under this CIP, SIMTech works with both aerospace companies and their local suppliers to enhance the latter’s capabilities in the design, development and manufacturing of aircraft cabin components, so as to ensure technology and knowledge transfer that is closely tied to industry and market needs.

  CIPs on Application of Printed Electronics in Print & Media
Emerging Applications Centre (EAC)

Under this series of CIPs, SIMTech has helped both SMEs and MNCs establish capabilities in the emerging application of printed electronics, particularly in the design and prototyping of integrated systems for print and media products. Participating companies have since showcased their printed electronics prototypes and capabilities in various public exhibitions.