Our Industry Partners


SIMTech works with over 1300 companies (multinational companies, local companies, SMEs and start-ups) on industry and service projects.  Over the years, many of these companies have become our long-term partners in technology development.  

In assisting companies to overcome their technological barriers or to transform their technological capabilities, SIMTech surpassed the expectations of our industry partners who are appreciative of our contributions.  Read their testimonials here


Featured Industry Partners 


Incorporated in October 2006, D-SIMLAB Technologies, a spin-off company from SIMTech with subsidiaries in Dresden, Germany and Phoenix, USA, provides high-fidelity simulation-based business analytical solutions for asset-intensive industries. D-SIMLAB’s flagship products are D-SIMSPAIR®, a planning and optimization system for spare parts inventory network planning and optimisation in aviation, and D-SIMCON®, a software solution suite for production logistics management in semiconductor manufacturing. The core simulation engine of these solutions was licensed from SIMTech in 2007. Subsequently, D-SIMLAB worked with SIMTech on additional R&D projects to further enhance this technology. For its achievements, D-SIMLAB won the 2010 Red Herring Global accolade.



LHT Holdings Ltd, public listed in 1999 on the Singapore Stock Exchange, is the 1st timber company to set up a wood waste recycling plant producing a series of ‘Innovative Process Product Conversion’ (IPPC) pallets, boxes, and crates made of wood waste materials. Its subsidiary, Kim Hiap Lee (Pte) Ltd (KHL), a pallet pooling company, leased standard ECR (Efficient Consumers Response) pallets for the fast moving consumer goods industry. With manual tracking of the leased pallets, many paper documentations were required for ECR leased pallets in the supply chain ranging from food manufacturers to distribution centre (DC) to hypermarkets/ retail and DC / manufacturer. Some of the pallets were occasionally lost, or miscounted, leading to discrepancies, which adversely affected KHL’s business relationships with its clients. To overcome this, the RFID Pallet Leasing & Tracking System, designed by SIMTech and developed based on the EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard, now manages pallets leased to 100 customers. An Electronic Product Code (EPC) Gen 2 RFID tag was installed on its ECR pallets to provide real-time pallet tracking system. Productivity gains from the implementation amounted to annual savings of over S$50K for the company and around S$375K for the clients. KHL has set up a new business venture in contracting RFID track and trace projects and supply of RFID tags.



Makino Asia is a fully-integrated manufacturing company, complete with R&D, engineering, production, and business administration. The company produces milling, die sinking electrical discharge, and wire electrical discharge machines.  The International R&D (IRD) Centre is the only R&D facility outside Japan of the Makino Milling Machine Company.  SIMTech works in tandem with Makino Asia in a wide range of areas, including machine structure vibration testing, machine dynamic characterisation, warehouse re-design, and operations streamlining. A close partnership has evolved as Makino Asia taps on SIMTech as an extension of their own R&D resources for new ideas, technologies, and facilities. In turn, the senior management of Makino provides valuable support to SIMTech by chairing the Industry Advisory Panel of the PE COI, contributing industry inputs and assisting in the engagement of companies.



Philips Consumer Lifestyle Garment Care Category produces a range of domestic steam and pressure steam generator irons. To find alternatives to the enamel and stainless steel iron soleplates, Philips set up a joint competency centre with SIMTech 10 years ago to codevelop wet chemical coatings based on sol-gel chemistries. The SIMTech-Philips team was awarded the National Science and Technology Award in 2002 for the novel combination of aluminium anodizing and sol-gel coating for iron soleplates, a breakthrough that enables Philips to maintain leadership in high-end steam irons. The R&D collaboration with Philips was extended from soleplate coatings to the possible application of liquid forging for the production of steam generators and soleplates. SIMTech participated in Garment Care’s technical planning sessions to identify opportunities to contribute to the manufacture of Garment Care products.



Rolls-Royce is a world-leading provider of integrated power systems for customers in four markets: Civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine, and energy. In 2012, at an investment of over S$700 million, Rolls-Royce opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing research and training facility at Seletar Aerospace Park. The advanced facility is the Group’s first outside the UK to manufacture large Trent aero engines and wide chord fan blades. Following a successful relationship that started in 2001, Rolls-Royce signed a Master Research Agreement with A*STAR in 2004 and specifically partnered with SIMTech to develop key precision manufacturing capabilities in Singapore.  A robotic finishing system was developed to automate the production processes of certain components used in aerospace and marine equipment. The finishing tools and processing variables for the manufacturing process were integrated into the system. A SIMTech-Rolls-Royce Surface Finishing Laboratory was set up in SIMTech in July 2009 to facilitate the development work and manpower training. SIMTech also collaborated with Rolls-Royce in the development of a solid oxide fuel cell, marine propeller surface finishing, corrosion technology, vibro-finishing, flow-forming process, and benchmarking studies for various manufacturing processes.



SII, now known as Seiko Instruments Inc, set up its first overseas production facility for watch movements in Singapore in 1976. In 2006, Seiko Instruments established an R&D Centre in Singapore, mainly to collaborate with A*STAR research institutes. The company started working with SIMTech in 1993 in a project on laser trimming. Other subsequent projects included cold forging, stamping, and rotary forming to reduce manufacturing costs and material loss. Novel forming processes were investigated to fabricate high alloy steel miniature components. A cold flow-forming process was developed for hard-to-form martensitic stainless steel with potential material saving of 50%. A series of studies on precision fabrication for mechanical components were completed for Seiko Instruments.



Singapore Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality solders and related chemicals. Working with SIMTech since 1996, the company has leveraged on the institute’s extensive lab facilities and expertise to support its product and material development. The collaboration resulted in the development of the world’s first lead-free solder that is able to operate at the same conditions as conventional tin-lead solder. This patented product, Viromet, is environmentally friendly and cost effective. A SIMTech researcher seconded earlier to Singapore Asahi has since joined the company as a research engineer.



Tru-Marine specialises in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of turbochargers in marine, offshore, power plant, and locomotive applications. The company’s technological leadership has been endorsed by numerous business excellence accolades through the years, with the highest honour conferred by the Singapore Quality Award in 2009. Collaborations with SIMTech date back more than a decade and included early-stage feasibility studies to subsequent process developments and the management of proprietary technologies.  In 2003, two engineers were seconded for four years to the company under the A*STAR SERC T-Up programme to conduct Operational Technology Road Mapping for long-term capabilities planning. The recent project involves the development of reclamation procedures using state-of-the-art Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) to achieve significant quality and productivity gains. With SIMTech as a key enabler of the company’s continuous innovations, Tru-Marine is making good progress in meeting the global market’s increasing demand for relevant advanced technologies, products, and support services.



The Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) is a non-profit trade association representing Singapore’s marine and offshore industry, which spans a wide cross-section of the local ship repair, shipbuilding, and rig building sectors. ASMI has partnered with SIMTech to help improve industrial productivity among its members; in particular, the shipyards and their sub-contractors. For this, the Operations MaNagement Innovation for Marine Industry (OMNI@Marine) Programme was initiated in partnership with WDA in 2012. To date, a number of major shipyards such as Sembawang Shipyard, Jurong Shipyard, Keppel Shipyard, and Keppel Fels have participated in this programme along with key sub-contractors.


Selected Company Testimonials  

"Maha Chemicals is now able to have timely visibility of all its Regional Customer Centres (RCCs) transactions, faster turnaround time for orders and also better productivity in their manpower deployment. This in turn enables Maha to perform bulk ordering (for economies of scale) and also plan their inventory levels across all RCCs better. Consequently, the inventory level of its supply chain is reduced by an estimated 10% yearly." 

Ms Tan Seow Hoon 
Maha Chemicals

"The WSQ Operations Management Innovation (OMNI) programme, specifically OmniMethodlogy, provides us with a structured approach to manage our dynamic business. We are in the midst of implementing some of the initiatives identified through the programme - for example, we are working with SIMTech on implementing their High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) planning and scheduling solution, which will be invaluable in helping us to better manage our delivery schedules and improve our timeliness. We have already managed to improve our productivity by around 10-15%." 

Joseph Wai 
Wemark Techno Engineering Pte Ltd 

"After attending a session on OmniMethodlogy, it did not take us long to decide to join the WSQ Operations Management Innovation (OMNI) programme. The course will pay for itself. Moreover the company will save money and we will be contributing to the productivity improvement of Singapore.  We have gained more awareness about productivity, that it is much more than producing more parts or reducing cycle time. The fact is that it covers all aspects and areas of a company. With this understanding, we will be able to find more ways to improve our productivity." 

Iwan Marks 
Vice President 


"We applaud the tremendous effort of the team in the successful development and deployment of Integrated Production Planning and Shop Floor Tracking system for Riso Seiki. The implementation of this system has greatly improved our productivity and efficiency. The ability to plan, track and monitor individual customer order from receiving, production, till the completion and delivery of goods, has reduced our manufacturing cost and production time tremendously. With the success of this project, we will not hesitate to implement this system in our subsidiary company in Jakarta. We thank SIMTech once again for a job well done." 

Lim Sim Tiong
Riso Seiki (S) Pte Ltd 

"Thanks to SIMTech team for helping Tru-Marine develop four new processes with the innovative Laser Robotics system (LAAM) technology for turbocharger MRO. This expanded product range has upgraded our repair capability and technology image. The project scope with SIMTech included integration of LAAM, development of LAAM processes for different components, certification by third party and training of our staff. With this technology, we can offer better quality and improved productivity for our repair work." 

David Loke 
Managing Director 

"Camtech has been carrying out collaborative research projects with SIMTech since we started in the area. Our work with SIMTech is very exciting and we believe that many new "next generation" lab-on-a-chip applications will emerge from this partnership. We have initiated various projects with commercial potential as well as worked on building a knowledge base for the future. The expertise and facilities at SIMTech have been a great resource for Camtech and we look forward to continuing our work with the team." 

Dr Meng-Han Kuok 
Executive Director 
Camtech Management Pte Ltd 

"Our long term collaboration with SIMTech enables Rhodia to develop new and innovative research tools to accelerate the research and innovation work practised in the Rhodia World-Wide research centres. The quality work that SIMTech delivers has been outstanding. The consistent high-quality of the SIMTech-manufactured devices reflects the professionalism and the responsibility of its researchers. SIMTech researchers constantly improve the manufacturing processes to make these more reliable, less expensive and more scalable. Rhodia appreciates the commitment of SIMTech researchers and their continuous efforts for bringing new ideas and improvements to the design and, manufacturing of microfluidic devices." 

Dr Galder Cristobal 
Rhodia-Novecare Asia Pacific R&D Director 
Rhodia Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore