SIMTech Membership

SIMTech Membership


The SIMTech Membership Programme is an ideal platform for local manufacturing companies to collaborate in R&D initiatives that help reduce their market risks while creating new opportunities. Members can access a host of creative and high-quality services ranging from technology intelligence and business management tools, to technology transfer and technical advisory. The membership presents an opportunity for companies to engage and form special interest groups to spearhead R&D projects. Members can do so by participating in a wide range of seminars, workshops, and professional networking sessions organised by SIMTech.

Special Interest Groups
As a part of the SIMTech Membership Programme, there are a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that cater to specifc industrial sectors such as marine, oil & gas, aerospace, and medtech, among others. Through the SIGs, members can raise, discuss, and analyse real-time industry issues. The SIGs are structured as collaborative platforms where members can choose to pursue joint R&D synergistically.

Our SIGs are:

• Operational Excellence
• Industrial Automation
• Welding
• 3D Additive Manufacturing
• Machinery Design
• Medical Devices and Regulatory
• Advanced Machining
• Carbon Management 
  • Cleaning
• Energy Efficiency Management
• Microfluidics
• Printable Lighting
• Construction Engineering
• Corrosion
• Water Management
• Waste Management

 Members' Benefits:

  • Networking Events: Bringing Research and Industry Together
    Regular Membership Networking Nights organised by SIMTech for members to exchange ideas, explore business opportunities and get updated on SIMTech's new developments
  • Technology Updates: Latest Technology News and Analyses
    Technology Competitive Intelligence (TCI) reports and forums to discuss trends, analyses, and reviews of new technologies and applications
  • Expert-on-Line: Quick Responses to your Technical Queries
    Expert-on-Line is an email service that provides timely responses to manufacturing-related and technical queries
  • Technology Offers: Ready Technology for Licensing
    The technology data bank of manufacturing intellectual properties and know-how comprises processes, products, methodologies, and toolkits for easy technology utilisation
  • Seminars and Training: Upgrading Technology Competency
    Members enjoy fee discount for seminars and workshops organised by SIMTech (excluding courses funded by agencies)
  • Complimentary Listing in Members’ Directory on the SIMTech Membership Website
  • Priority Invitation to conferences and events organised by SIMTech
  • Participation in SIMTech Special Interest Group

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