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Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing (LAAM)

LAAM is an additive manufacturing process which utilizes high energy laser beam for material deposition. It enables surface modification, repair and 3D additive manufacturing with high flexibility. Due to the good focusability of the laser beam and precise control of the heat input, the LAAM process can achieve refined grain size, tailored microstructure which result in excellent mechanical properties, wear and corrosion resistance. 

Robotic LAAM system developed by SIMTech

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SIMTech has developed several robotized and CNC-based LAAM systems for the R&D and industrial applications. SIMTech’s capabilities cover system development, material and process development, metallurgical & mechanical testing, process simulation & monitoring, as well as 3D LAAM. Materials range from ferrous to non-ferrous alloys, such as HSLA steels, stainless steels, Al-alloys, Ti-alloys, Cu-alloys, Ni-alloys, Co-alloys, as well as metal matrix composites.

LAAM process and achieved, tensile properties and 3D aerofoil structure

Repair of turbocharger component

The key advantages of this technology include:

  • Direct manufacturing with the aid of CAD/CAM
  • High precision of deposited material in terms of geometry and dimension
  • High Automation level
  • Precise control of heat-input, solidification conditions
  • Tailored micro-structure and excellent material properties
  • Reduced manufacturing time and material waste
  • Reduce down time and heavy capital expenditures for the replacement with new parts


SIMTech has strong expertise in development and customization of LAAM system, process development for difficult-to-process materials, modification of additive materials, and characterization of the material properties, to provide turn-key solution to customers.

Patents / Awards / Achievements / Differentiation
  1. Powder Feeding Nozzle and Process for Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing, Singapore Patent No. 189649
  2. Design and Fabrication of the Embedded High Aspect Ratio Channels and Cavities, Singapore Patent Application No. 10201506744P
  • Publications

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  • ApplicationsLAAM can be used for surface modification with wear and corrosion resistance properties, repair of high value-add components, and direct manufacturing of 3D components with full functions. The applications can be found in aerospace, PE, oil &gas, marine & offshore and automotive, etc.


    1.    A*Star Aerospace Program Achievement Award 2012.

    2.    A*Star Aerospace Program Achievement Award 2013.