Researcher Portfolio

Nemeth Sandor (Dr)
Principal Research Engineer II
+65 6419 7422
Joining Technology

Dr Sandor Nemeth joined SIMTech in 2001 and had been working primarily in the area of coating development for industrial applications in co-operation with Singapore based companies covering work using of sol gel processes. His main activities are now focused on joining and related issues, including adhesive development. Previously, Dr Nemeth worked at the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (now TÜV-SÜD PSB) in the areas of adhesive and coating formulations, material characterisation and material failure analysis. His academic and industrial experience includes surface modification and characterisation work at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) and additive development at Texaco Inc (USA) and Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc. (USA, now Afton Chemical).

Research Interest:
  • Development of conductive inks and adhesives for emerging applications, surface modification and coating application. 
  • Sol-gel processes for nanostructured and nanocomposite materials. 
  • Biocompatible materials development.

PhD (Chemistry, 1994, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA).



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Selected Publications:

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