Researcher Portfolio

Teo Wern Sze (Dr)
Scientist II
Forming Technology
Introduction:Dr Teo Wern Sze joined SIMTech in 2009 after receiving her PhD from Imperial College specialising in the high-rate Mode I fracture of adhesively bonded composite joints. She has worked on the customisation of defects in aviation composites for NDT, light-weighting of aluminium structures with composites, and resin transfer moulding of room- and high-temperature thermosetting systems in some of her project involvements. Her current research on continuous natural (plant) fibre reinforced composites (NFRC) aims to reduce the non-renewable energy and resources consumed by conventional composites. Material compatibility, processibility, mechanical properties and fracture stability issues are studied and addressed for a number of NFRC systems.
Research Interest:Natural fibre reinforced polymer composites; composites processing (VaRTM/ autoclave/ vacuum-bagged oven cure); Study of thermal, mechanical and fracture behaviour of composites; Incipient defect generation in CFRP.
BioNotes:Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine PhD (Mech) 2008
University of California, Berkeley MSc (IEOR) 2002
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine BEng (Mech) 2001

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Awards:(2005) Elsevier sponsored student award, 4th International Conference on Fracture of Polymers, Composites and Adhesives, Switzerland
(2004) Peebles Student Travel Award for Graduate Student Research in Adhesion Science, The 27th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society, USA,
(2003) A*STAR National Science Scholarship (PhD)
(2001) The Institution Project Prize, IMechE, UK