About Large Area Processing


The SIMTech Large Area Processing (LAP) offers a full range of services covering design, fabrication, characterisation and testing of functional film and printed electronics.           


We provide custom solutions for design, prototyping, and pilot production of microfluidic devices.   We work with you to develop various printed electronics application - ranging from printed lighting, printed sensor and printed energy devices. 

We offer robust processes to ensure utmost quality and value to your manufacturing needs. 
  We support cutting edge research and development in roll to roll manufacturing of functional film & printed electronics. 

Roll-to-Roll, Flexible, and Multi-Functional

Conventional electronic circuit fabrication relies on lithography and subtractive processes. The growing need to achieve cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing is driving a paradigm shift towards large area manufacturing processes, widely known as printed electronics. The LAP leverages SIMTech's interdisciplinary manufacturing technologies and competencies to research, innovate, and commercialise large area manufacturing processes for emerging and use-inspired applications. Key research on disruptive manufacturing processes extends to large area screen printing, roller embossing, and ink-jetting.

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