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Research Publications and Publicity:

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Research Publications and Publicity


List of Publication Awards (2012) 

Best Paper Awards

  1. Dr A. Zhang, "Quantifying Supply Chain Disruption Risk Using VaR",2012 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), 10 - 13 December 2012, Hong Kong.
  2. C. K. Pang, X. Wang, and J. H. Zhou, "A Mixed Time-/Condition-based Precognitive Maintenance Framework Using Support Vectors",Proceedings of the 2012 IASTED International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science (EAS 2012), Colombo, Sri Lanka, 17 - 29 December 2012, pp. 311-318.

Best Student Paper Awards

  1. L. B. Wang, K. Y. See, B. Salam, A. C. W. Lu, and J. W. Zhang, "Tri-band Frequency Selective Band-stop Shield using Screen Printing Techniques",2012 Asia-Pacific Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (APEMC 2012), Singapore, 21 - 24 May 2012.
  2. Y. Y. Zhou, F. Luan, D. Zhu, and X. Yu, "Whispering Gallery Resonator Based on Index Profiling,"Photonics Global Conference, Singapore, 13 - 16 December 2012.

Best Poster Awards

  1. H. Lei, Rusli, X. C. Wang, H. Wang, X. Y. Xu, L. N He, and H. Y. Zheng, "Towards Perfect Anti-Reflection and Absorption for Nanodome-Array Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell",PV Asia Pacific Conference 2012, Singapore, 23 - 25 October 2012.
  2. Y. Ding, D. P. Poenar, and D. V. Isakov, "Local Current Measurement for Avalanche Breakdown in Silicon P-N Junctions", 19th International Symposium on Physical Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA) 2012, Singapore, 02 - 06 July 2012.
  3. S. Y. Zhang, X. Yu, M. Zhang, and Y. T. Zhang, "Novel Dual-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Couplers with Metal Wires",A*STAR Scholars Poster Competition, Singapore, 20 July 2012. [Best poster award among 40 posters submissions for SERC for A*STAR Scholars Poster Competition There is one winner from SERC and BMRC respectively.]

List of Shortlisted Publications (2012)

  1. H. M. Xia, Z. P. Wang, W. Fan, A. Wijaya, W. Wang, and Z. F. Wang: "Converting Steady Laminar Flow to Oscillatory Flow through a Hydroelasticity Approach at Microscales",Lab on a Chip, vol. 12, pp. 60-64, 2012.
  2. H. Q. Li, F. Wen, Y. S. Wong, F. Y. Chiang, V. S. Subbu, D. T. Leong, K. W. Ng, K. L. Ng, and L. P. Tan, "Direct Laser Machining-induced Topographic Pattern Promotes Up-regulation of Myogenic Markers in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells",Acta Biomaterialia,  vol. 8,  pp. 531-539, 2012.
  3. X. Yu, K. S. Lok, Y. C. Kwok, Y. Zhang, H. F. Wei, and W. J. Tong, "Chemiluminescence Detection in Liquid-core Microstructured Optical Fibers",Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol. 160, pp. 800-803, 2012.
  4. S. K. Mustafa,and S. K. Agrawal, "On the Force-closure Analysis ofn-DOF Cable-driven Open Chains Based on Reciprocal Screw Theory",IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 28, pp. 22-31, 2012.
  5. P. N. Lim, B. Y. Tay, C. M. Chan, and E. S. Thian, "Synthesis and Characterization of Silver/Silicon-cosubstituted Nanohydroxyapatite",Journal of Biomedical Materials Research B: Applied Biomaterials, vol. 100B, pp. 285-291, 2012.
  6. S. W. Zeng, Y. N. Liang, H. F. Lu, L. B. Wang, X. Q. Dinh, X. Yu, H. P. Ho, X. Hu, and K. T. Yong, "Synthesis of Symmetrical Hexagonal-shape PbO Nanosheets Using Gold Nanoparticles",Materials Letters, vol. 67, pp. 74-77, 2012.
  7. A. M. Soutar, D. R. Rosseinsky, W. Freeman, X. Zhang, X. X. How, H. J. Jiang, X. T. Zeng, and X. G. Miao, "Electrochromic Cell with UV-curable Electrolyte Polymer for Cohesion and Strength",Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, vol. 100 , pp. 268-270, 2012.
  8. Y. L. Wu,  Q. Shao,  X. C. Wang,  H. Y. Zheng,  and C. C. Wong, "Hierarchical Structured Sol-gel Coating by Laser Textured Template Imprinting for Surface Superhydrophobicity",Soft Matter, vol. 8, pp. 6232-6238, 2012.
  9. H. X. Zhang, H. F. Lu, H. P. Ho, Y. Y. Zhou, X. Yu, and F. Luan, "Diffraction Resonance with Strong Optical-field Enhancement from Gain-assisted Hybrid Plasmonic Structure",Applied Physics Letters, vol. 100, pp. 161904/1-4, 2012.
  10. H. F. Lu, H. X. Zhang, Y. Yu, S. W. Zeng,K. T. Yong, and H. P. Ho, "Seed Mediated Plasmon-driven Regrowth of Silver Nanodecahedrons (NDs)",Plasmonics, vol. 7, pp. 167-173, 2012.
  11. P. S. Tan, S. S. G. Lee, and A. E. S. Goh, "Multi-criteria Decision Techniques for Context-aware B2B Collaboration in Supply Chains",Decision Support Systems, vol. 52, pp. 779-789, 2012.
  12. H. L. Seck, Y. Zhang, and Y. C. Soh, "Autocorrelation Noise Removal for Optical Coherence Tomography by Sparse Filter Design",Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 17, pp. 076029/1-6, 2012.
  13. S. Y. Zhang, X. Yu, Y. Zhang, P. Shum, Y. T. Zhang, L. Xia, and D. M. Liu, "Theoretical Study of Dual-core Photonic Crystal Fibers with Metal Wire",IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 4, pp. 1178-1187, 2012.
  14. C. Nath, G. C. Lim, and H. Y. Zheng, "Influence of the Material Removal Mechanisms on Hole Integrity in Ultrasonic Machining of Structural Ceramics",Ultrasonics, vol. 52, pp. 605-613, 2012.
  15. Z. H. Huang, B. C. Lim, and Z. F. Wang, "Process Development for High Precision Metal Patterning on Low Glass Transition Polymer Substrates",Microelectronic Engineering, vol. 98, pp. 528-531, 2012.
  16. J. Lin, J. Dellinger, P. Genevet, B. Cluzel, F. de Fornel, and F. Capasso, "Cosine-gauss Plasmon Beam: A Localized Long-range Nondiffracting Surface Wave",Physical Review Letters, vol. 109, pp. 093904/1-5, 2012.
  17. D. Yong, X. Yu,G. B. Ren, H. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, C. C. Chan, H. F. Wei, and W. J. Tong, "Photonic Bandgap Fiber for Infiltration-free Refractive-index Sensing",IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 18, pp. 1560-1565, 2012.
  18. D. Zhu, Y. Y. Zhou, X. Yu, P. Shum, and F. Luan, "Radially Graded Index Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator for Penetration Enhancement",Optics Express, vol. 20, pp. 26285-26291, 2012.
  19. H. Farrokhi, W. Zhou, H. Y. Zheng, and Z. L. Li, "Non-ablative Texturing of Silicon Surface with a Continuous Wave Fiber Laser",Optics Express, vol. 20, pp. 23180-23185, 2012.
  20. T. Homola, J. Matou, B. Hergelová, M. Kormunda, Y. L. Wu, and M. Cernák, "Activation of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Surfaces by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma",Polymer Degradation and Stability, vol. 97, pp. 886-892, 2012.
  21. L. Hong, Rusli, X. C. Wang, H. Y. Zheng, and L. N. He, "Design Principles for Plasmonic Thin Film GaAs Solar Cells with High Absorption Enhancement",Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 112, pp. 054326/1-5, 2012.