Research Projects

Advanced Finite Element Modeling (FEM) or Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

During the last decade, the increase in functional requirements (i.e. safety, environment concerns and so on) with tightening tolerances to save material costs and also the use of difficult-to-form materials (i.e. maraging steel, aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys) and severe global market competition for automotive, aerospace and biomedical devices has forced engineers to look at the processes in the advanced aspects. Most of the OEM have relied significantly on their suppliers to develop and improve processes and technology to meet the high market demand. 

Finite Element Model (FEM) has been widely used as a tool to design a product and develop forming processes. The main benefit of FEM is to shorten a time for a product to the market, to minimise a risk of die failure during a production, to reduce a number of trial-and-error in production and to reduce unnecessary down-time (maintenance) due to the uncertainty happening during productions. For this project, SIMTech has been working closely with companies to develop FEM modeling for various disciplines of metal forming areas, including cold/hot forging, cold rotary forming processes and etc.


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A. Process design: Optimise process design in various metal forming areas (DEFORM 3D™)


Flow Forming Technology

Cold Forging Technology: Process Design and Die Stress Analysis (DEFORM 2D™)

Superplastic Forming: Process optimisation and improvement (ABAQUS™)