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Adhesive and Adhesive Bonding

There are various types of adhesives employed based on requirements in different technologies, such as room temperature epoxy adhesive, high temperature adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives, biodegradable adhesives. Selection of appropriate adhesives and surface modification of materials are the key issue for this technology. State of the art surface modification technologies are surface modification of materials by atmospheric pressure plasma, low pressure plasma and ultraviolet treatment.

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Adhesive bonding technology has an extremely broad range of applications. This bonding technique is particularly important to sectors where the joining of dissimilar materials is required, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical technology industries.

Problems Addressed:

Adhesive bonding is an attractive alternative joining method that is proven to be highly successful. This flexible joining technique is the preferred key technology for the joining of advanced materials to attain lightweight, low cost and high mechanical properties joints.   However, there is no universal adhesive and universal bonding technique pertaining to specific adhesive. SIMTech can help to determine a correct adhesive bonding technology for individual application through making the best use of the available adhesive, developing adhesive bonding technique including surface preparation before bonding, and sharing the best bonding practise to maximise competitiveness and profit of companies. Selection, improvement or development of functional adhesives is also offered.   Advantages of adhesive bonding over other joining techniques such as welding, riveting and screwing, etc. are:

1.    Ideal for joining most dissimilar materials

2.    Good uniform load distribution over joint area

3.    No surface marking and the joint is almost invisible

4.    Electrical resistance reduces chance of corrosion for metal components



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