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Microscope Visualisation Tools - Seeing Through Occluding Structure
Contact PersonLuo Hong(
SolutionLive video images from the microscope view are fused with the live images from alternative viewpoints which are at a scale and perspective chosen by the operator for optimal convenience. The projection of the microscope view onto the perspective view allows the operator to see fine detail in relation to surrounding areas even when this second view is occluded by fixtures, probes or the microscope lens housing. The system is self-calibrating and it is therefore easily reconfigured by the operator.
Patents / Awards / Achievements / Differentiation

Patent pending 

The system was demonstrated at Semicon Singapore exhibition in May 2006

  • The technologies can be applied as an add-on to existing optical microscopes to improve productivity
  • The techniques, when used to assist navigation, will be particularly useful when the operator has limited access to the sample such as in x-ray or SEM applications

Problems Addressed

Navigation around samples that are large compared to the narrow view of the microscope is time consuming and tiring in many tasks. This technology provides a means to track and visualise the current view in relation to the sample geometry as well as overcoming the problems of occluding structures and tools in the workspace.