Research Projects

A Use-case Driven Cost Analyser for RFID ROI and To-Be-Process Optimisation

This project is to develop a system toolkit for evaluating and optimising the value of RFID in inventory and warehouse applications. The aim is to allow fast and accurate decision of ROI-based execution plan as well as achieving optimised value-add with a RFID to-be-process. The toolkit consists of a pool of use-cases and cost models, a framework to define new use-case and process model, a simulation engine for cost-benefits analysis, and ROI calculation of To-Be business process.



Passive and active RFID technologies have different technical specifications. When applying RFID in an As-Is business process, possible use scenarios coupled with various RFID types and models can be derived at applicable process elements. Each use scenario (use-case) will have an impact on an As-Is business process element in terms of cost benefits (quantitative values and valuation of qualitative benefits).

Over the entire As-Is business process, there are multiple choices of use cases in a To-Be business process. The best use cases would be the one that results in the best cost-benefits.


To collaborate with local companies to apply the system toolkits and explore the feasibility and potential of RFID applications in the industry.

Problems Addressed

To obtain accurate Return of Investment (ROI) is crucial for the adoption of RFID technology. There is a lack of system toolkits that can quickly and accurately evaluate the value-add RFID at the use-cases level, and there is no link between the ROI analysis and the design of to-be RFID system.