Research Projects

Micro Metal Forming

In the last decade, the use of micro products and micro metal components has been strongly increasing in many industry clusters including automotive, healthcare, environment, telecommunications and military, etc. Micro metal forming, which is defined as the production of metal parts with at least two dimensions in the sub-millimetre range, has unique and irreplaceable advantages such as high production rate, minimised or zero material loss, excellent mechanical properties of the final product, close tolerances, making it suitable for near or even net shape mass production. The manufacturing process used for achieving such miniaturisation of metal components is numerous and vary from conventional metal forming techniques such as cold forging and stamping.
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(1) Forming process for miniature samples with stepped pin (diameter 0.1mm~2mm) and flange were developed by using a special forming mode in progressive die system on servo press.

(2) Grain size of copper specimen was refined into 4 - 5μm by SPD (Severe Plastic Deformation) and heat treatment process to investigate the grain size effect in micro metal forming.