Research Projects

LTCC Composite Material Processes for Mixed-signal Applications

Development of LTCC based composite material processing for mixed-signal applications


With the LTCC platform technology, advanced non-planar or pseudo-3D structures, as well as composite material processing, can be seamlessly integrated to realise advanced frequency selective electromagnetic band gap structures thereby satisfying performance requirements and miniaturisation whilst achieving cost-effective manufacturing. LTCC platform is already well proven in terms of passive integration such as capacitors and inductors. By including electromagnetic band gap structures, the LTCC platform is further exploited in terms of multi-functional integration required in emerging mixed-signal applications.


Key applications include

  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-MAX
  • UWB

Problems Addressed

Insatiable demand for miniaturisation and environmental friendly materials in next-generation products is driving the need for advanced low-cost and scalable electronics manufacturing processes. Integrated electronics offers promising solutions to meet future challenges of scalability, flexibility, low power consumption, light-weight, and reduced cost. This project aims to develop composite material LTCC processes as well as electromagnetic band gap and microwave based methodologies for RF/Analog/Digital that is multi-functional applications.