Research Projects

Development of a methodology for carbon footprint assessment of products in Singapore

The goal of this project is to establish a methodology for assessing the carbon footprint of products manufactured in Singapore. The project aims to provide a systematic approach with clear, transparent, and practical assessment that aligns with the international standards for carbon footprint certification and labelling purpose.

SolutionAn investigation of the existing approaches, case studies, and relevant issues on the carbon certification and labelling will be carried out. The analysis will be subsequently used to develop an appropriate methodology that fits into Singapore context. The key areas to consider include the defining of system boundary, designing the input/output data collection method, carbon footprint calculations, the appropriate format for reporting results, and the certification procedure.

  • Carbon footprint label and/or certification for products manufactured in Singapore.
  • Problems Addressed

    Numerous approaches have been proposed by different organisations in many countries to provide estimates and present the result in the form of carbon label and/or certification. However, there is currently no existing methodology developed in Singapore context. In order to initiate the carbon label and certification scheme in Singapore, it is essential to develop a methodology for carbon footprint assessment which is appropriate for Singaporean manufacturing practices.