Research Projects

Development of Biodegradable Foams Derived from Sustainable Materials

Micro-cellular polylactic acid (PLA) biodegrable foams were produced by extrusion foaming process with supercritical CO2 as environmentally benign blowing agent. Microscopic observations of the resultant foams reveal uniform cells ~ 250µm in size with integral thin cell wall. A density as low as 30kg/m3 can be achieved for the resultant foams, which is comparable to conventional PE foams used for electronic packaging application.

Contact PersonTong Kin Kong, Steven(
SolutionBiodegradable foam was developed through extrusion foaming process and was comparable in substituting commercially available polyetyhlene and polystyrene foams.  
BenefitsThe company is able to establish a stronger reputation and foothold in the protective packaging sector.
Patents / Awards / Achievements / DifferentiationA licensing term sheet has been signed by a company who is interested to produce biodegradable foams for packaging application.
ApplicationsThe PLA biodegradable foams which is comparable to PE foam can be used for secondary packaging application serving the aerospace, electronics and automotive industries.