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B2Bi Gateway - Process-driven, Context-sensitive B2Bi Collaboration Using Web Services

SIMTech's effort in this area is to create a platform (B2Bi Gateway) that allows companies to participate in B2Bi collaborations to have a single solution, which is both lightweight and cost-effective, to cater for collaborations with known partner companies, as illustrated in the diagram. It can be used for managing transactional needs of companies across different known business processes. Examples include B2B collaborations in the area of Order Management, Vendor Managed Inventory and Logistics Delivery. The development of these business-to-business services will leverage on SIMTech's expertise and technology in implementing applications on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using Web Services. 

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Problems Addressed

SMEs, especially those in the lower levels of the supply chain hierarchy, are usually unable to fully participate in B2Bi collaborations as these typically require high levels of ICT know-how and hefty costs. For example, SMEs usually cannot afford costly B2Bi systems that are based on RosettaNet, the de-facto B2Bi standard for the high-tech manufacturing sector. This results in lost business opportunities for SMEs.


Contact PersonTan Puay Siew(
SolutionVirtual Enterprise Integration (VEI) is a system network that seamlessly connects enterprises in a supply chain. It offers a lightweight and cost-effective B2Bi Gateway solution for SMEs to collaborate with partner companies. The Gateway can be used for simple two-party or multi-party collaborations, and can be customised according to process steps and messages involved in each process.
BenefitsThe WSCS which provides the platform for the development of the Gateway has three pending patents filed in USA and Singapore.
Patents / Awards / Achievements / DifferentiationThe WSCS which provides the platform for the development of the Gateway has three pending patents filed in USA and Singapore. 

The B2Bi Gateway is pertinent to any SME that needs to collaborate with partners, in particular those governed by defined business processes in a supply chain, such as:

  • Order Management, VMI and other business processes in manufacturing industries
  • Logistics operations