Research Projects

Development of High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites for Automotive Applications

Mechanical and electrical properties of polymer composites are important for metal replacement in automotives. Using innovative processes and materials, two types of polymer nanocomposites with synergetic improvement in impact strength/tensile strength have been developed. Two projects were initiated under the A*CAR consortia to develop high performance polymer nanocomposites for automotive applications. In order to be able to replace metal, improved nanocomposites of comparable strength for the intended application were fabricated. Polymer nanocomposites of enhanced matrix-filler compatibility were fabricated to achieve improvement in mechanical and electrical properties.
Contact PersonTong Kin Kong, Steven(
BenefitsThe two research projects are aligned with the A*CAR consortia in A*Star whereby a group of companies collaborated for a common goal in research. The fabricated parts have been applied to a prototype automotive vehicle and successfully demonstrated their intended applications.
ApplicationsThe improved nanocomposites have been put in application through the fabrication of two different automotive parts. The nanocomposite of improved impact and tensile strength is used to fabricate an automotive rear mirror housing, seen in Photo (a). A fuel fill flap part was fabricated using nanocomposites of low electrical resistivity and improved tensile strength, seen in Photo (b).

(a)                                                                                     (b)