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Simulation is an attractive approach to optimise various properties of a structure at a relatively low cost. In order to take advantage of simulation, the Polymer Joining team has developed significant modelling capabilities. These include finite element analysis for thermomechanical modelling, joint simulation, as well as various optimisation works, especially for weight reduction.

The simulation work is augmented and confirmed with experimental studies. This validates the results and provides prototype structures for mechanical tests on structure strength and experimental failure mode analysis.




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The numerical evaluation of mechanical loads on a joint and subsequent modification / optimisation of the joint geometry as well as material properties are a first step in establishing optimum bond lines and determining expected maximum bond strengths. A further important factor is the determination of thermal response which can result in the development of large and potentially destructive forces in the bond line due to differential thermal expansion between bonded layers.


The use of simulation tools has been further deployed to improve weight reduction in structures by considering both joint mechanics as well as the mechanics of the entire structure. With the method, significant weight reduction has been achieved leading to significant material savings (e.g. 10-30%) and better functionality due to reduced weight.