Research Projects

Tailored Blank Fabrication by Progressive Sheet Forming

In addition to using lightweight materials, weight reduction in components requires capability of producing load-optimized multi-thickness blanks for use in subsequent processes such as stamping. SIMTech development in tailored blank fabrication enables production of various multi-thickness aluminium blanks. The approach uses combination of progressive forming by feeding the sheet metal by a predefined pitch to reduce forming load and using smartly designed cross wedge tool for control of material flow.

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The technology enables up to 40% section thickness reduction for aluminium alloys 5052 and 6061 to produce tailored blanks with aspect ratio 1.6, and up to 30% section thickness reduction for aerospace grade aluminium alloys 7075 to product blanks with aspect ratio 1.4, with significantly reduced forming load.


Problems Addressed

The process behaviour is characterized by mainly the detailed geometry of the cross wedge tool and the pitch of the progressive forming to dictate the maximum attainable section thickness reduction for each material. Unsuitable selection of tool and process parameters may lead to defects such as misalignment during process and necking inside the formed tailored blank. The improvement on cross wedge tool is key to improve the capability of this process.