Research Projects

Metal Injection Moulding of Nickel Superalloy

Newly improved complex binder system consisting of wax, secondary backbone polymer, coupling agent and surfactant has been formulated and used in demonstrating use of metal injection moulding (MIM) to produce the switching vanes in modern, variable geometry turbochargers, conventionally only produced through investment casting.

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The coupling agent in this binder system contains polar groups to provide excellent binding to the superalloy powders and also non-polar groups to bind to other polymeric components inside the binder system.


Problems Addressed

Binder system development requires delicate formulation control to obtain overall good binding between the superalloy powder and the components inside the binder system. In addition, the overall feedstock must have good flow properties for the moulding process, as well as other mechanical and thermal properties for excellent shape retention and enabling porosity-free sintered part.