Research Projects

Developing Silicone Rubber Materials and Moulding Process

SIMTech is capable of formulation of silicone rubber materials for targeted applications. We have established silicone rubber processing by compression molding and injection molding. We have developed HCR nanocomposites with much improved thermal and mechanical properties, which enable them to be used in harsh environments. The nanocomposites have been formulated so that the tensile strength and tear resistance are increased without compromising their elastic properties. Equipped with 80 ton liquid injection molding system, SIMTech has also developed LSR molding process. Micrometer-sized medical parts have been produced with accuracy and easy demolding. Moreover, SIMTech has capability to evaluate thermal, mechanical and structural properties of rubbery materials.

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Problems Addressed

Silicone rubbers are widely used in many industrial sectors due to their versatile properties. The team at SIMTech are working closely with industries to address challenges for the silicone rubber materials and processes with the expansion of the market. For high consistency silicone rubber (HCR), the challenge is to improve its thermal and mechanical properties; for liquid silicone rubber (LSR), the challenge is to develop optimised injection molding process for mass and accurate part production.