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Injection moulding process development for 10µm high aspect ratio microfluidic chip

Variotherm injection moulding for 10µm aspect ratio 3 microfluidic chips has been successfully demonstrated on an Autonomous Capillary System. This technology has enabled improved dimensional accuracy from ±50% to ±5% with good flatness of 25 ± 5 µm across 75mm platform.

In addition, optimal injection moulding processing conditions of microfluidic chips enabled successful secondary thermal bonding process.

(a) Excellent micro feature replication when part was fabricated with variotherm moulding technology

(b) Poor replication when part was fabricated by conventional moulding technology

Contact PersonTong Kin Kong, Steven(
SolutionTo address the limitations of the current variotherm technology, future work includes the usage of short wave infrared emitter for localized heating to enable the processing of high Tg material.

The variotherm injection molding technology enables the replication of high aspect ratio microfeatures on a large platform which is usually difficult due to the flow hesitation effect.

This project is in collaboration with the Microfluidics Manufacturing Programme of SIMTech.

6 foundry standardized chips were produced as showcase prototypes.

Microfluidics, diagnostics, point-of-care testing to drug discovery, chemical analysis and water and food quality monitoring

Problems Addressed

Current variotherm technology is limited to micro-feature replication using materials with Tg below 130°C.