Research in SIMTech


Forming Technology Group focuses on R&D in near net shape or net shape manufacturing and rapid prototyping processes for metals, ceramics, polymeric materials and composites. Technologies developed in the Forming Technology Group include metal forming, extreme pressure die casting, powder processing, precision polymer moulding, biocomposites and sandwich structures, as well as myriads of additive manufacturing processes, all contributing to cost-performance improvement to give local manufacturing industry competitive edge.

Our R&D activities are carried out in three teams:

  • Metal and Ceramic Processing Team focuses on sheet and bulk metal forming and incremental forming, micro surface texturing, Liquid Forging of wrought alloys and metal matrix composites, as well as metal and ceramic powder injection moulding

  • Polymer Processing Team focuses on development of precision polymer injection moulding of engineering thermoplastics for structural components, micro-structuring of thermoplastics for microfluidic devices, injection moulding of liquid silicone rubber, composite prepreg, sheet and sandwich forming, and sustainable material development for foam, aerogel and natural fibre composites.

  • 3D Additive Manufacturing Team focuses on development of processes and systems for additive manufacturing of metals (powder bed and direct deposition) and polymers (thermoplastic and thermosetting) for highly customized products

The group carries out collaborative cutting-edge research with academic/research institutions. To constantly serve the changing market needs, close collaborations with industrial partners are fostered through co-developing of processes and products, technology transfers and conducting training for the manufacturing industry. 

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  • A Multi-Modal Printing System and Method of Operating the Same (PCT/SG2016/050351)

  •  Titanium-Tantalum Alloy And Method Of Forming Thereof (PCT/SG2016/050455).

  • A New Resin Tank with Switchable Rigidity for 3D Stereolithography Process (SG ‘provisional’ patent: 10201601993X)

  • Method Of Formulating And Fabricating Liquid Photopolymers With Shape Changing Ability Suitable For 3D Printing Via UV Laser Scanning (SG ‘provisional’ patent: SRC/P/09480/00/SG)

  • Method To Calculate Part Shrinkage And Distortion In Selective Laser Sintering Of Polyamide 12 Additive Manufacturing, SG Patent Application No. 10201702645S.
  • Formulation of Photopolymers for Resin Based 3D Printing to Fabricate Shape Memory Polymers, PCT Application No:  PCT/SG2017/050223.
  • PCT Patent No. WO2016028229A1, “Metal article forming apparatus and methods for forming metal article”, 25 February 2016
  • US Patent No. US201300004911A1, "Method and apparatus for forming orthodontic brackets", 3 January 2013
  • US Patent No. US20130231427A1, "Method of forming and object using powder injection molding", 5 September 2013
  • US 11/817, 779, "Method and apparatus for forging liquid forged article"
  • China Patent CN 101189083 B, Granted 12 January 2011, "Liquid Forging Technology"
  • US Patent No. 61/411317, "Powder Injection Moulding", filed on 8 November 2010
  • Singapore Patent No. 147319, "Safety Guard for Syringe Needle", Granted on 30 September 2010
  • Singapore Patent No. 135350, "Method and Apparatus for Forging", Granted on 29 January 2010
  • Singapore Patent No. 137702, "Tube for stacking and stack produced thereby" , 30 September 2009
  • Singapore Patent No. 119249, "An Alloying System", Granted on 29 February 2008
  • Singapore Patent No. 134345, "Method for obtaining graded pore structure in scaffolds for tissues and bone, and scaffolds with graded pore structure for tissue and bone", Granted on 31 October 2007
  • Singapore Patent No.  112936, " Production of composite materials by powder injection moulding and infiltration" , Granted on 30 March 2007
  • Singapore Patent no. 106066, " Heating Apparatus for Formable Metals", Granted on 29 December 2006
  • US Patent No. US 2005-0089190-A1, "Apparatus and method for forming curvature in sheet metal', Granted on 26-September 2006
  • Singapore Patent No. 112778, "Transformable and Recyclable Semi-solid Metal Processing", Granted on 30 June 2006

Commercialisation and Licensing

  • Limited exclusivity licensing of Liquid Forging for making alloy wheels to Meisterform in 2018.
  • Secured licensing of S$5,000 to BRIM for the technology based on a new Stereolithography setup that can achieve printing speeds of 10x-30x of commercially available 3D printers.
  • Contractual licensing to Dot Design for “Forming method of ribbed or corrugated panels requiring high draw ratio from sheet metal”
  • Licensing of Liquid Forging to Aavid Thermalloy since 2013
  • Non-exclusive licensing on binder system and PIM process to Span Connecting Technology Pte Ltd
  • Non-exclusive licensing of microforming of dental braces to Innobrace (S) Pte Ltd
  • Non-exclusive licensing of scaffolds for tissue and bone to Bio Scaffold International Pte Ltd

Honours and Awards

  • Our 3D AM research work on Electron Beam Melting (EBM) is highlighted on the Issue Cover of a prestigious journal “Materials”. Wang Pan, Sin Wai Jack, Nai Mui Ling Sharon, Wei Jun.

  • Press release on 20 May 2017 highlighted our 3D AM Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) with 3D Matters and media coverage (8 and 9th Sep 2017) featuring 3D AM Team in the A*STAR Tech Access Initiative launch with the Industrial Additive Manufacturing Facility (IAMF) opening

  • During the Singapore Airshow 2016 (Feb 2016), China Central Television (CCTV) interviewed and showcased SIMTech’s additive manufacturing capabilities (in particular Electron Beam Melting)

  • LHT, our industry partner, won the 2018 Excellence award from NEA Singapore Packaging Agreement for the development of encapsulated Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Eco Block
  • Press release on 20 May 2017 highlighted our 3D AM Collaborative Industry Project (CIP) with 3D Matters and media coverage (8 and 9th Sep 2017) featuring 3D AM Team in the A*STAR Tech Access Initiative launch with the Industrial Additive Manufacturing Facility (IAMF) opening.
  • Liquid Forging technology selected for publicity at A*STAR Innovati50n Reconstructed @ArtScience Museum 04-05 December 2015
  • The SIAEC-SME CIP project and business model was mentioned in parliament by 2nd Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr., S Iswaran, during the Committee of Supply Debate on 6 March 2015, with media coverage by Channel News Asia
  • Awarded aircraft certification for manufacturing polymer interior parts annually since 2012 under aviation authority POA SAR 21.
  • Master Research Collaboration Agreement (MRCA) Signing Ceremony to cement the relationship and collaborative strength between SIMTech and Applied Materials on 31st Sept 2015.
  • Media Coverage by The Straits Times (27 August 2013) on 3D printed bio-scaffolds for dental application, which was highlighted by Prime Minister during the National Day Rally. (Jointly developed by Bio-scaffold International, NUS and FTG SIMTech)
  • Media coverage by The Straits Times (29 March 2012) for Innobrace Orthodontics (S) Pte Ltd on "Self Ligating Brackets for Dental Braces"
  • Media coverage by The Straits Times (21 May 2012) for Resin & Pigment Pte. Ltd, T-Up Excellence Award.
  • Development of Liquid Forging Technology for the Manufacturing of high strength components" National Science and Technology Award, 2008
Research Themes Research Facilities/Equipments
2- & 3-Roller CNC Spin Forming Machine 50 and 200-ton Liquid Forging Press 55 Ton Engel Electric Plastic Injection Moulding Machine (Polymer) 630-ton Mechanical Press CM Box Furnace (Powder) Computer Simulation(Pro E,Magma,Autocad,Deform) Double Barrel Injection Moulding Machine (Powder) Expansion Compression Moulding Machine (Polymer) Haake MiniJet II (Polymer) Haake MiniLab II Micro Compounder (Polymer) High Speed Injection Moulding Machine Instron Material Testing Machine Leistritz Twin Screw Extruder Linn-Hi Therm Furnace (Powder) Liquid forging hydraulic press (100, 200 & 400 ton) Liquid Forging Technology: For Thermal Management Application Plasma Jet RD1004 (Polymer) Schimdt Precision Micro Metal Forming Press Single Barrel Injection Moulding Machine (Powder) SINTER-HIP Furnace (Powder) Transfer Moulding Press Walk-in Curing Oven for Composites (Polymer) ZCorp 3DP 310 Plus (Powder) Zwick Pendulum Impact Tester (Polymer)