Research in SIMTech

Conventional electronic circuit fabrication relies on lithography and subtractive processes. The growing need to achieve cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing is driving a paradigm shift towards large area manufacturing processes, widely known as printed electronics.

PID leverages SIMTech’s interdisciplinary manufacturing technologies and competencies to research, innovate, and commercialise large area manufacturing processes for emerging and use-inspired applications. Key research on disruptive manufacturing processes extends to large area coating, printing, roller embossing, lamination and flexible hybrid printed electronics.

Process Technology

The team focuses on 

  1. New formulation of functional ink for Roll-to-Roll manufacturing processes and applications 
  2. Development of large area Roll-to-Roll additive deposition for submicron coating, multilayer coating of Heterogeneous materials, printing and patterning of conductive, dielectric and resistive inks on various types of flexible substrate such as polymer, paper and metal 
  3. Hybrid process integration
  4. Interconnecting process and materials for soft-hard electronic interfaces

Application Technology

The team focuses on 

  1. The development of large area devices with functional inks for human-machine interface, flexible lighting 
  2. Development of flexible hybrid printed electronics - stretchable and formable electronics for wearables, Internet of Things, flexible and conformable sensors
  3. Electronic module design

Process Technology

Key competencies supported by our integrated cleanroom facilities and research laboratories include:

  • Formulation and processing of printable functional materials
  • Large area and roll-to-roll coating
  • Large area and roll-to-roll additive patterning
  • Large area and roll-to-roll embossing
  • Large area and roll-to-roll lamination
  • High-precision roll-to-roll web handling
  • High-precision roll-to-roll web inspection
  • In-situ roll-to-roll system process monitoring and control
  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing system design, planning and scheduling

Application Technology

  • Transparent conductive filmPrinted electroluminescent lighting
  • Printed heater
  • Printed capacitive sensor
  • Printed pressure sensor
  • Flexible hybrid electronics


Roll-to-Roll Printing Processes
Roll-to-Roll Printed Transparent Conductive Film
Roll-to-Roll Printed Sensors
Roll-to-Roll Printed Lighting
Roll-to-Roll Printed Heater

  • Licensing of printed lighting technology
  • Licensing of printed heater technology
  • Licensing of functional printing technology
  • A*STAR Thematic Strategic Research Project: Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Printed Electronics 
  • A*STAR Thematic Strategic Research Project: Multi-Functional Substrate Platform For Smart Sensor With Wireless Interface Applications


  • 800 m² Class 10K Cleanroom
  • Roll-to-Roll and modular processing system for large web (web width of 1 metre and 0.3 metre) and pilot  scale coating, patterning, embossing and lamination
  • Roll-to-Roll embossing system
  • Roll-to-Roll coating system
  • Roll-to-panel-to-roll screen printing system
  • Screen printer
  • Ink-jet printer
  • Thermal, infra-red, ultraviolet (UV) curing and  photonic sintering systems
  • Materials and ink development facilities

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