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Conventional electronic circuit fabrication relies on lithography and subtractive processes. The growing need to achieve cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing is driving a paradigm shift towards large area manufacturing processes, widely known as printed electronics. The LAP leverages SIMTech’s interdisciplinary manufacturing technologies and competencies to research, innovate, and commercialise large area manufacturing processes for emerging and use-inspired applications. Key research on disruptive manufacturing processes extends to large area screen printing, roller embossing, and ink-jetting.

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To seed and grow emerging industry in functional films and printed electronics through research, innovation and commercialisation of large area manufacturing technology platforms in manufacturing processes, manufacturing automation and manufacturing systems

Core Competencies

Key competencies supported by our integrated cleanroom facilities and research laboratories include:

  • Formulation and processing of printable functional materials
  • Large area and roll-to-roll coating
  • Large area and roll-to-roll additive patterning
  • Large area and roll-to-roll embossing
  • Large area and roll-to-roll lamination
  • High-precision roll-to-roll web handling
  • High-precision roll-to-roll web inspection
  • In-situ roll-to-roll system process monitoring and control
  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing system design, planning and scheduling


Major Facilities

  • 800 m² Class 10K Cleanroom
  • Roll-to-roll and modular processing system for large web (web width of 1 metre) and pilot scale coating, patterning, embossing and lamination
  • Roll-to-roll embossing system
  • Roll-to-roll coating system
  • Roll-to-panel-to-roll screen printing system
  • Screen printer
  • Ink-jet printer
  • Thermal, infra-red and UV curing systems

Research Projects

  • Roll-to-roll Manufacturing of Printed Electronics

    The project focuses on research and development of scalable and high-precision roll-to-roll manufacturing technology platforms for large area functional films and printed electronics.

    The scope includes:
      • Formulation and processing of printable graphene based transparent conductors and semiconductors
      • Formulation and processing of printable battery electrodes and electrolytes
      • Formulation and processing of printable photovoltaic materials
      • High-precision roll-to-roll coating processes for surface area dependent devices including transparent conductive film, battery and photovoltaic
      • High-precision roll-to-roll additive and direct-write patterning processes for feature-size dependent devices including touch screen, display and electronic backplane
      • Low temperature ink sintering techniques


  • Large Area Printing of Frequency Selective Passive and Active Devices

    The project focuses on research and development of scalable and high-precision thick-film and thin-film printing processes for large area frequency selective electromagnetic passive and active devices.

    The scope includes:
      • Design, simulation and characterization of electromagnetic shielding films
      • Design, simulation and characterization of near-field and far-field antennas
      • High-precision thick-film and thin-film printing of circuits and interconnects
      • Low-temperature processing of copper based inks
Research Themes