Research in SIMTech

As products become more complex and the materials more exotic, a high level of competency in machining processes is needed. Product miniaturisation, functional surfaces and new materials are significant driving forces for research initiatives in new machining technologies to achieve ever smaller feature sizes, controlled surface textures and free-form surfaces. The Machining Technology Group (MTG) in SIMTech focuses on three research themes, i.e. Mechanical Machining, Abrasive Processes and Laser Processing Technologies. The research objectives are to enable the manufacture of products with better dimensional accuracy, greater structural intricacy, higher surface finish quality and lesser sub-surface damage while increasing productivity. Technologies being developed include machining techniques such as ultra-precision multi-axis machining and micromachining, abrasive surface finishing and profile grinding, machining dynamics and virtual Numerical Control (NC) modeling, high aspect ratio drilling for oil and gas instruments. In laser processing, the Group develops technologies for cutting, drilling, surface texturing and surface heat treatment of a wide range of materials. The Group carries out collaborative research with academic institutions, co-develops processes and products with companies and provides technology transfer and training to the manufacturing industry.

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Research Themes Research Facilities/Equipments
Clark CPA-2001 (Laser) Coherent Avia (Laser) Coherent Diamond Laser (Laser) Coherent Infinity 40 (Laser) Comco Procenter CTR100 (Conventional Machine) Hitachi-Seiki VG45 (Conventional Machine) Kuroda FKP-1020 (Conventional Machine) Lamda Physik NovaLine (Laser) Laser drilling: CO2, excimer, Nd:YAG LOH SPM25 (Conventional Machine) Lumonic JK702 (Laser) Mazak Quick 6T (Conventional Machine) Mitutoyo Microscopy NEC laser (Laser) Okamoto PSG-SDXNC (Conventional Machine) Precitech Optimum 4200 (Conventional Machine) Roboform 200 (Conventional Machine) Roders RFM760 (Conventional Machine) SIMTech Diamond Tool Polisher (Conventional Machine) SIMTech laser (Laser) Sodic A500 (Conventional Machine) SPI Laser (Laser) Synrad Laser (Laser) Trumpf LaserCell (Laser) Wyko (Measurement)