Research in SIMTech

The Machining Technology Group (MTG) focuses on advanced tool-based machining technology development enabling the manufacturing of products efficiently that have high initiative profiles, greater structural integrity and excellent surface finishes with high dimensional accuracy. 

The group carries out collaborative research with various academic institutions, co-develops processes and products with companies, transfers technology and conducts training for the manufacturing industry.


Mechanical Precision Machining
The Mechanical Precision Machining research focuses on the development of advanced machining turn-key solutions to enhance machining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The team has established core competences in generic machining, ultra-precision and micro/nano machining, machining dynamics, hybrid machining processes, loose abrasive processes such as  abrasive flow machining, magneto-rheological finishing, as well as magnet and vibration assisted finishing.

Laser Precision Machining
The Laser Precision Machining research focuses on the development of advanced laser processing capability in general laser cutting, drilling, marking and surface hardening over a wide range of materials. The team has established core competences and expertise in laser dicing of silicon wafer, laser singulation of electronic chips, laser deflash of mould compound electronic packages, Laser micro-machining of hard-to-machine materials, laser surface texturing and laser cleaning process. 

Mechanical Precision Machining

  • Ultra-precision machining of freeform surfaces
  • Ultra-precision machining of roller moulds
  • Precision machining of difficult-to-machine materials
  • Machining dynamics for vibration reduction and chatter avoidance
  • Multi-axis simultaneous machining modelling and simulation
  • Micromachining of intricate micro features and micro channels
  • Development of deep-hole drilling technology
  • Precision mass finishing of external and internal surfaces
  • Magneto-rheological finishing (MRF) of freeform profiles to achieve optical surface finish
  • Precision profile grinding
  • Mechanised edge profiling, modification and deburring

Laser Precision Machining

  • Laser surface texturing and surface processing
  • Laser precision dicing and drilling
  • Laser surface and sub-surface marking
  • Laser micromachining

Mechanical Precision Machining

  • Chatter avoidance/stable cutting strategy
  • Contact lens profile generation and compensation
  • Cryogenic cooling assisted milling/turning
  • Customised tool grinding, edge finishing and in-situ measurement
  • Ultra-precision machining of roller moulds
  • Machining profile error compensation
  • Ultrasonic vibration assisted diamond cutting of steel mould inserts 
  • Abrasive flow machining (AFM)
  • Magnet and vibration assisted finishing (MVAF)
  • Magneto-rheological finishing (MRF) of freeform profiles
  • Precision finishing of micro-structured surfaces 

Laser Precision Machining

  • Laser cleaning
  • Laser dicing of silicon wafer
  • Laser color marking
  • Laser singulation of electronic chips
  • Laser material removal of packaging compounds for electronic component failure analyses


  • SG patent application No. 10201805673P: Circular array of conical nozzles with radial exhaust outlets for laser scarfing of composite materials, filed on 29 July 2018
  • Best Research Achievement Award: Machining of high-precision roller molds for roll-to-roll embossing and gravure printing, SIMTech, March 2018
  • WSH (Workplace Safety and Health) Innovation Award “Gold Medal”: Mobile laser marking system (developed for PEC Pte Ltd), Ministry of Manpower Singapore, 26 May 2017
  • Media coverage on the successful CIPs of the quick milling vibration solver with customised software boost for Cragar's productivity, Strait Times, 1 March 2017
  • SPIE Rudolf Kingslake Medal Award: SiC optical polishing method (Deng Hui), Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 30 August 2016
  • USA Patent US 8,847,104 B2: Wafer cutting method and a system thereof, granted on 30 September 2014
  • IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award: High-speed, debris-free dicing of silicon wafers using laser-induced thermal cracking technology, Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), 18 July 2014
  • USA Patent US 7,692,360 B2: Apparatus for ultrasonic vibration-assisted machining, granted on 6 April 2010


Mechanical Precision Machining

  • Moore 5-axis Ultra-precision Machining Centre 
  • DMU 80P duoBlock 5-axis CNC Machining Centre
  • DMG Mori 3-axis CNC Turn-Mill Machine
  • Ewag 6-axis Cutter Grinder
  • UNSIG 2.0 meter Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Laser Precision Machining

  • 1.06µm 500W YAG Laser 
  • 335nm 10W DPSS UV laser
  • 775nm 1.5W femtosecond Laser
  • 1.06µm 10W picosecond Laser
  • 248nm 20W Excimer Laser

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