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The Surface Technology Group (STG) works to enhance competitiveness of the local industry through research, generation and application of innovative coatings and surface engineering processes, and through training technology specialists. The group aims to be a leading R&D centre in surface technology, developing high performance coatings and surface engineering technologies to make products more cost effective, while increasing functionality, productivity, and useful life cycle.

Towards this goal, the group has built up core competence and expertise in: (1) Functional coating design and characterisation, (2) Materials synthesis and chemical formulation, (3) Coating deposition processes, and (4) Surface chemical modification and structuring.

Research activities have concentrated on coating development using hybrid composite materials. Novel or multiple coating functionalities have been realized through innovation in materials engineering and processing. Coating process capabilities established range from physical vapour deposition, chemical vapour deposition, sol-gel deposition, electrolytic and electroless plating, anodizing and surface conversion coating, surface structuring or micro-fabrication by photolithography chemical etching/deposition and surface self-assembly.  

Technical focus of STG is on coating technologies for applications in precision engineering (PE), aerospace, marine, automotive, bio-engineering, optical, electronics, environmental and clean energy, consumer appliances and construction industries. Targeted functions include wear and scratch protection, dry lubrication, transparent conductors, corrosion protection, easy-clean and other surface properties such as, self-cleaning, anti-microbial, anti-slip, and photochromic smart coatings. 


Core Competencies:

Vapour Deposition and Thermal Spray

·        Coating design tailored for applications

·        Physical vapour deposition (PVD)

·        Unbalanced magnetron

·        Cathodic arc sputtering

·        Plasma-enhanced PVD

·        Atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (APCVD)

·        Thin film characterisation

·        Thermal spray coating characterisation

Electrochemical Process

•         Electroplating of metals and alloys

•         Anodising of aluminium and magnesium alloys

•         Electroless nickel (EN) composite coating on metals

•         Eleectroless nickel plating on polymer composites

•         Precision electroforming

•         Photo-electrochemical precision fabrication

Functional Coatings

·        Particle synthesis and encapsulation

·        Sol-gel chemistry formulation for various functional coatings

·        Scratch resistant cum decorative

·        Anti-corrosion

·        Anti-stick

·        Optical

·        Photochromic

·        Easy-to-clean

·        Anti-fingerprint

·        Photocatalytic and Self-cleaning

·        Bioactive/biocompatible

·        Transparent & conductive

·          Surface grafting of monomer and polymers for energy switching and drug elution

·          Sol-gel coating processing - spray, dipping, screen printing

·          Modelling and optimisation of scratch resistant films

·          Large area roll-to-roll coating processing


Corrosion Characterisation and Protection

·          Materials Selection,

·          Validation and Benchmark Corrosion Mechanisms and Failure Analysis

·          Test Methods

·          Corrosion protection solutions

Technologies Available for Transfer


Vapour Deposition

•         Super tough carbon nanocomposite coating

•         Nanocomposite wear-resistant coatings for PE tools

•         Dry-lubricating hard coatings

Electrochemical Process

•         Magnesium duplex coating

•         Stress-free nickel electroforming

•         Hard anodising


Functional Coatings

•         Decorative protective sol-gel coating for Al-alloys

•         Anti-corrosion sol-gel coating for Al & stainless steel

•         Slip-resistant coating for glass

•         Easy-to-clean coating for metal and polymer

•         Hydrophobic coating for textiles

•         Hydrophobic or superhydrophilic coating for polymers

•         Anti-microbial anti-fouling coatings

•         Solar responsive coatings


•         Automatic synthesis of silver nanowires and nano- particles, and other nanomaterials

Target Industries

§  Precision Engineering

§  Aerospace

§  Automotive

§  Marine, Oil & Gas

§  Construction

§  Alternative Energy

§  Biomedical and Healthcare

§  Optical and Electronics

Industry Partners

§  Altimate EnviroCare Services

§  ASM Technology Singapore

§  BD (Becton Dickinson) Singapore

§  BeCe

§  CEL Coatings Industries

§  Ching Yi Crafting

§  Cooper Cameron Singapore

§  Essilor Singapore


§  Feinmetall Singapore

§  Haruna

§  Hewlett Packard Singapore

§  HT Glass

§  Infineon Technologies

§  Nano Eco Science (Singapore)

§  Nico Steel

§  Philips Consumer Lifestyle

§  PIE Electroplating

§  PJI Contract

§  Polycore

§  Procter & Gamble

§  Redwood Interior

§  Rhodia Asia Pacific

§  Rolls-Royce

§  Samko Timber

§  SCA Specialty Chemical

§  Shimano (S)

§  Singapore Safety Glass

§  Schlumberger

§  SMC Industrial

§  Stamping Industries

§  Star Controls Engineering Co

§  Sterling Impreglon Asia

§  ST Kinetics

§  Sunningdale Tech

§  Sunstar Engineering

§  The Singapore Mint

§  Tri-Star Industries

§  Union Inks & Graphics

§  Unisteel Technology

§  Vestas Technology R&D Singapore

§  Wangi Industrial

Research Partners

•           University of Cambridge

•           Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)

•           Institute of Charles Gerhardt (France)

•           Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences (ICES)

•           Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)

•           Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)

•           Koszalin University of Technology (Poland)

•           Manchester University (UK)

•           University of Oxford (UK)

•           Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

•           National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)

•           National University of Singapore (NUS)

•           French Corrosion Institute (FCI)

•           Technical University of Munich (Germany)

•           Tohoku University (Japan)

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  • National Technology Award 2002, Dr Chang Soo Kong, Ms Linda Wu Yongling, Mr Leon Krings and Mr Sia Lee Heng (both from Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care).
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