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The mission of Mechatronics Group (MCH) is to provide the key technologies and expertise for the development of precision machines and robotic systems for manufacturing automation. The major manufacturing industry sectors supported by the group include precision engineering, electronics/semiconductor, aerospace, and marine. To meet the current and future needs for manufacturing automation, the group is organised into two focused research themes, i.e., Precision Mechatronics (PM) and Industrial Robotics (IR).

Precision Mechatronics

In high-volume manufacturing industries such as electronics and semiconductor sectors, there are increasing needs for high-speed precision machines in order to achieve high production throughput and low manufacturing cost. In addition, the emerging manufacturing technologies, such as large-area roll-to-roll processing and microfluidics manufacturing, have posed a lot of challenging automation issues, e.g., flexible web/substrate handling, ultra-precision alignment and overlay control. Driven by such industrial demands, the PM team has identified four focused research tracks: High-Speed Intelligent Linear Motion Systems, Ultra-precision Positioning, Wide-Format Roll-to-roll Web Handling, and Thermal Effects in Precision Systems.

Industrial Robotics

Many industries, such as precision engineering, aerospace, and marine sectors, are exploring robotic automation for high-mix and low-volume tasks that are often perceived as 'difficult-to-automate' processes, e.g., chamfering, deburring, and polishing. Different from conventional robotic automation that only requires retentive dexterous motions, those 'difficult-to-automate' processes are normally contact-type operations with force control and machining dynamics involved. To make industrial robots effective for contact-type operations and efficient for high-mix and low-volume automation, the IR team has identified three focused research tracks: Human-Robot Interface, Hybrid Force-Motion Control, and Manipulator & Sub-system Design. 

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