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Microfluidics devices manufacturing harness capabilities from multidisciplinary fields -chemistry, physics, engineering, microtechnology and biotechnology in the manufacturing of devices. These devices consist of sub-micrometre- to sub-millimetre-sized channels which can be used to control the movements of miniscule amounts of fluids (nano-, or even picolitres). The applications of microfluidic devices are increasingly diverse, ranging from inkjet printing to lab-on-chip and feature widely in biomedical research and diagnostics, chemical processing, water monitoring/ processing and alternative energy exploitation. The Microfluidics Manufacturing Programme (MMP) taps on SIMTech's cross-cutting technologies to develop, test and implement manufacturing technologies for microfluidics applications. MMP aims to: 

  • Spearhead innovations in the value creation of polymer microfluidic devices manufacturing, including design, fabrication, integration, testing, measurement, and characterisation
  • Provide a prototyping and pilot run base for microfluidic development, and
  • Exploit emerging applications in biomedical research/ diagnostics, chemical processing, energy and environment.

MMP's core strength is the one-stop solution for microfluidics design-to-manufacturing, harnessing capabilities from SIMTech technologies in forming, machining, joining, surface engineering, mechatronics and precision measurements for microfluidics development.

SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry: solution provider for microfluidics manufacturing

Established by MMP, SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry (SMF) provides design, prototyping, production services for microfluidic devices. Upon customer requests, SMF supplies polymer-based microfluidic devices with superior quality and competitive cost to both the industries and research community. The Foundry also offers standard microfluidic chips and chip-to-world connection kits for wide range of industrial or research applications.

Sited at SIMTech Integrated Cleanroom of about 1500m2, the Foundry facility includes:

  • One prototyping line for rigid polymer microfluidic devices, offering micromilling, laser ablation or embossing techniques for microfluidics structuring and thermal bonding;
  • one production line for rigid polymer-based devices, consisting of mold insert fabrication, injection molding, cleaning, metallization, serface treatment, bonding, assembly, testing and packing.
  • One production line for PDMS-based devices, consisting of soft mold fabrication, casting, curing, demolding, PDMS/glass bonding, testing and packing.
  • Full range of general measurement tools for mechanical, fluidic, optical and electrical characterisation of microfluidic devices, and
  • Test platforms for the function validation of the microfluidic device and systems, such as flow mixing, capillary electrophoresis, and droplet generation.

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