Researcher Portfolio

Chai Lai Sing (Mr)
Senior Research Engineer III
Planning and Operations Management
  • Senior Research Officer: 2003 - 2007/ Senior Research Engineer: 2008-Present, SIMTech (Planning and Operation Management)
  • BLC Solutions Pte Ltd, : Consultant, 2005 - 2007 (A*Star T-Up Programme)
  • Associate Research Fellow: 1997-2000 / Research Fellow: 2000 - 2003 , Gintic (System Technology, Enterprise Integration Centre, Operations & Supply Chain Applications)
  • Omron Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, : Analyst Programmer ,1991-1992 / System Analyst, 1992-1994 / Senior System Analyst, 1994 - 1997
  • Eltech Electronics Pte Ltd, :   Material Planner / System Planner, 1988 - 1991
Research Interest:
  1. Investigation of design and implemention of Lean MRO practices to better manage and reduce total operating and inventory cost.
  2. Research and development on implementing lean supply chain techniques such as e-based Kanban related to value transparency at the interfaces in supply chains and networks.

MSc, National University of Singapore, Singapore

BSc, National University of Singapore, Singapore


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2 F. Y. Wang, T. J. Chua, T. X. Cai and L. S. Chai, "Common Capacity Modelling for Multi-site Planning: Case Studies", IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, 25-Sep-2007 to 28-Sep-2007 , Patras , , vol. 1, pp. 336-343

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