Researcher Portfolio

Xu Chi (Dr)
Scientist I
Planning and Operations Management
Introduction:Dr Xu Chi worked as a project engineer in Nanyang technological University on the project of localization and identification for ultra wideband (UWB) enabled sentient computing which is funded by SERC A-STAR from year 2006. In the project, he designed the time-of-arrival (TOA) and positioning estimation algorithms for UWB sensor network. Currently, he is a research scientist of Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and focuses on development of technologies for track and trace information management and synchronization.
Research Interest:Track and trace information management and synchronization, complex event processing
BioNotes:PhD, Nanyang Technological University, 2010 

BEng (2 Upper Honours), Nanyang Technological University, 2003
Publications:W. He, C. Xu, Y. T. Ao, X. J. Xiao, E. W. Lee and E. L. Tan, "RFID enabled handheld solution for aerospace MRO operations track and trace", IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), 05-Sep-2011 to 09-Sep-2011, Toulouse, France.

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Awards:Awarded full tuition scholarship for 4-year undergraduate studies by Singapore Ministry of Education, 1999-2003.