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Luo Ming (Dr)
Senior Scientist I
6510 1615
Manufacturing Execution and Control
Introduction:Dr Ming Luo is a Research Scientist in Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology. Her research interests include computational intelligence for optimization in industrial applications, manufacturing event management; event data based diagnosis and prognosis for manufacturing systems. She received her PhD from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 1998. She has more than 15 years of industry experience in the field of data and system modeling, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and supervisory control system design and development. She is an experienced project leader and led in-house and collaboration research project in the area of data mining for fault diagnosis and prediction, computational intelligence based optimization algorithm for dynamic resource allocation. Her areas of expertise include system analysis and data modeling for manufacturing shop floor systems, system architecture design, database design, and rule based event management system and computational intelligence for data mining.
Research Interest:Computational intelligence for optimisation and industrial applications, manufacturing event management, dynamic knowledge-based systems, and event data based diagnosis and prognosis for manufacturing systems
BioNotes:Ph.D 1998 Nanyang Technological University in System Modeling and Analysis

M.A. 1991 Eastern Michigan University in Mathematics and Computer Science

B. E. 1982 South China University of Technology in Electrical Engineering
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Awards:Recipient of IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards for A Mission-critical Self-recoverable Cargo Operation Control System for SATS Airfreight Terminal 6, Singapore, 2003.

Approved Ph. D supervisor for AGS students by A*STAR Singapore 2007

Approved MSc supervisor for WMG EBM programme of the University of Warwick UK, 2008

Recipient of A*STAR borderless award for Medtech Manufacturing initiative in 2010