Researcher Portfolio

Chan Hian Leng Ian (Dr)
Scientist III
Manufacturing Execution and Control
Introduction:Dr Ian Chan has more than 7 years of experience in research and application of structural health monitoring systems for various applications. He has extensive knowledge in the use of piezoelectric sensor networks for detecting damage and impacts in composite and metallic structures. Prior to joining SIMTech in Aug 2005, his experience includes 3 years as a project engineer at DSO National Laboratories (Singapore), 6 months as an invited researcher at Smart Structures Research Center (AIST Tsukuba, Japan) and almost 2 years as a Senior Engineer at Acellent Technologies, Inc (USA).
Research Interest:Structural diagnostics, multi-modal sensing, wireless sensor networks, equipment fault diagnosis, prognosis, impact detection, sensor self-diagnostics, construction, concrete damage detection, crack monitoring.
BioNotes:PhD., Stanford University, Stanford, USA
MSc, Stanford University, Stanford, USA
BEng (Mech), National University of Singapore, Singapore

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