Researcher Portfolio

Wang Wei (Dr)
Research Scientist I
6793 8989
Microfluidics Manufacturing
Introduction:2010-current: SIMTech, Research Scientist I
2000-2006: Senior Test Engineer, Delphi
Research Interest:Droplet Microfludics, BioMEMs and Lab-on-Chip systems

Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technogical University, 2011

MSc. in Micro- Electro- Mechanical- Systems, NTU-ESIEE, 2005

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Patent Application:

[1] CM Li, W. Wang: Droplet based miniaturized device with on-demand droplet-trapping, fusion and releasing, US 201110259742 A1.

[2] W. Wang, Z P. Wang : Disposable microfluidic monodisperse droplet generator. Patent : SG201100303-5, 17 Jan 2011. (PCT/SG2011/000323).