Researcher Portfolio

Wong Ming Mao (Mr)
Principal Research Engineer II
6510 1690
Forming Technology

Mr. Wong Ming Mao is currently a Senior Industry Development Manager (SIDM) for the Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) at SIMTech. His main role is to help local industry to improve productivity through the use of manufacturing technologies such as industry informatics, RFID and automation. He also helps to mentor productivity champions under the Operations Management Innovation (OMNI) methodology.

Before being a SIDM, he has spent over 20 years in industrial informatics for the shop floor monitoring with extensive project management, research and industrial experience in numerous enterprise and mission-critical applications such as automated airfreight control and self-recovery system for SATS Airfreight Terminal 6 and integrated shop-floor execution control system for Tyco Electronics.

He is a Certified Industrial Automation Consultant with SIAA since 1995 and holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering. His background in mechanical and IT enable him to better understand the needs especially in PE, aerospace and marine industries. 

Research Interest:Productivity improvement techniques, automated airfreight terminal control, intelligent supervisory control, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) enhancements, business process re-engineering, manufacturing execution systems, SCADA, RFID track & trace and material handling equipment optimisation.
BioNotes:Master of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 1993 (Mechanical)

Bachelor of Engineering, The University of Newcastle, Australia, 1988 (Mechanical)

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Awards:2005 SIMTech Best Industry Project Award

2005 SIMTech Best Friday Presentation Award

2003 Recipient of IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award

2003 Finalist of ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award

2002 Finalist of National Technology Award 200

1988 The University of Newcastle Medal, Australia