Researcher Portfolio

Wong Stephen (Dr)
Director - Industry Development Office
Joining Technology
Introduction:Dr Stephen Wong is the Director for Industry Development Office at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology. He is responsible for formulating industry collaboration strategies and oversees a portfolio of industry-directed R&D projects, knowledge & technology transfers, and consultancy services which enhance manufacturing competitiveness.  He has spearheaded over 10 research consortia with the electronics, aerospace and medical technology industries. Prior to his current role, he was the Group Manager for Electronics Packaging and Multifunctional Substrate Technology and was instrumental in initiating strategic research projects to establish high density substrate and LTCC design & fabrication capabilities, micro-structuring processes on polymer and silicon materials,wafer-level bonding, various bumping techniques and large area printing processes.
Research Interest:Low temperature wafer bonding
Flip-chip under bump metallization scheme and reliability
Compliant interconnection for electronics packaging
Lead-free solder reliability
BioNotes:PhD (Flip-chip Interconnection and Reliability), Nanyang Technological University, 2012
MBA, University of Western Australia, 2001
MSc (Mechanical Engineering), National University of Singapore, 1995
BEng (Mechanical Engineering), University of Nottingham, UK, 1990
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