Researcher Portfolio

WU Yongling, Linda (Dr)
Senior Scientist III
6419 7425
Surface Technology

Linda started her career in Liverpool University as a Research Scholar, working on an EEC project on Laser Materials Processing. Joined Consumer Electronics Industry in 1992, and worked on several R&D projects related to materials, as a Senior Engineer since 1994. She joined Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) in March 2000 as a Research Fellow. In 2003, Linda converted to a Research Scientist, and was promoted to Senior Scientist in 2010, working on sol-gel coating technologies and chemical and electro-chemical processes for industrial projects. She also worked on chemical synthesis and surface modification of nanoparticles for bio-imaging applications. The team was awarded the National Technology Award in September 2002. Currently, Linda is involved in Functional Coating on surface modification technologies, nano-materials synthesis, and chemical formulation of coating materials for multi-functional coatings.


Research Interest:

Sol-gel chemistry and technology, hydrophobic hard coating, coloured decorative protective coatings for plastics and metals, non-stick, low friction, scratch resistant and abrasion resistant coatings, anti-microbial and bio-compatible coatings, surface modification of nano-particles, including semiconductor quantum dots, oxide and metals, and Plasmonic Metamaterials, surface science, surface treatment by plasma technology and electro-chemical processes.


BioNotes:PhD, 2009, Nanyang Technological University
BEng, Mechanical Engineering, 1985, Tsinghua University
MEng, Materials Science, 1988, Tsinghua University
MBA, 2001, University of South Australia


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3. Singapore patent P-91330 and WO02066728A2, “Iron and Soleplate for an iron”, Wu Yongling, Krings Leo Hubert Maria, Application No. 200100333-4, Date of filing: 17 Feb. 2001, Date of grant: 29 Feb. 2008.



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Awards:National Technology Award 2002 in September 2002