Researcher Portfolio

Tan Gim Hong Jason (Mr)
Senior Research Engineer I
Surface Technology

Jason joined Gintic(now SIMTech) immediately after he completed his MSc course in July 2000. He has worked on deposition and characterization of tribological and functional coatings deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering from July 2000 to October 2001. Formulation of sol gel materials and deposition by various techniques such as spin and dip coating are new competencies. He has recently developed screen printing of sol gel composite materials in SIMTech in collaboration with a multi-national company(2 patents filed). Currently, he is working on formulation of sol gel adhesives for optical application, sealants etc.

Research Interest:screen printing of sol gel composite materials, sol gel adhesives and hybrid organic-inorganic materials.
BioNotes:MSc(Accelerated Masters Programme) July 2000,
BSc(Hons, 2nd upper) July 1999,
BSc(Materials Science with Physics) July 1998

Invention Disclosure:
1. X.T. Zeng, G.H. Tan, Z.G. Tang and W.K. Yeo. Method for measuring interfacial tensile strength by compressive loading (PT-01-12). Filed and accepted : 18/2/2002

2. X.T. Zeng, X.Z. Ding , Q.Z. Hu and G.H. Tan.Chromium oxide based nanocrystalline composite coating for mold anti-sticking. (PT-01-15) Filed and accepted: 28/3/2002

1. X.T. Zeng, G.H. Tan, Z.G. Tang and W.K. Yeo. Apparatus and Method for bonding strength testing(International application number: PCT/SG 02/00216). Filed: 9/9/2002.

2. M.R. Böhmer, Gerard Cnossen, Leon Krings and G.H. Tan. Compound for Screen Printing, Screen Printed layer and Substrate (PHSG020017). Priority date: 14/8/2002.

3. Peter. Werkman, Gerard Cnossen, M.R. Böhmer, G.H. Tan and P.L. Lee. Sol-gel based heating element (PHNL021213WOP). Priority date: 22/11/2002