Researcher Portfolio

Tan Puay Siew (Dr)
Group Manager
Planning and Operations Management

Dr Tan Puay Siew has been working in the cross-field disciplines of Computer Science and Operations Research, in particular enabling virtual enterprise collaboration. She has been the technical lead of the Java Smart Services Lab (JSSL), a project co-funded by IDA and Sun Microsystems, and supported by many other leading software providers to develop leading edge web services technology. Her research includes services computing augmented by context-aware and cognitive abilities for better decision making in support of dynamically formed business processes in a complex environment for the virtual enterprise.

Currently, her main research interests is in using Complex Systems approaches to better understand the emergent behaviours in Supply Chain networks. The research here includes understanding and quantifying the propagation of disruptions, thereby the consequent impacts of the disruptions to companies. Mitigation techniques to minimise the variability caused by such disruptions are of focus too.

External Appointments:
- Chief Assessor of Certified WS Professional, Singapore, National Infocomm Competency Centre (NICC), 2005 -2007
- APSCC (Asia Pacific Services Computing Conference), Organising Committee Member, 2009
- Programme Committee, ICEBE (International Conference on e-Business Engineering), 2010-11
- Reviewer of international journals such as  IJPE, FGCS, DSS etc.

Research Interest:Services Computing, Context-aware Computing, Complex Systems
BioNotes:Doctor of Philosophy in Context-aware B2B collaboration, Nanyang Technological University

Master of Engineering in Computer-aided Automation, Nanyang Technological University

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

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Awards:SIMTech Best Industry Project, 2011
A-STAR Borderless Award, 2012