Researcher Portfolio

Tey Ju Nie (Dr)
Scientist II
6793 8415
Large Area Processing
Introduction:Ju Nie Tey joined the Joining Technology Group in Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology in 2009 as Senior Research Officer. She is currently a part time Ph.D candidate in School of Materials Science & Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (), and was previously graduated from the same faculty for her Bachelor and Master degree. Her research interest is on organic thin-film transistor fabrication and characterization, which includes new organic semiconductor materials and carbon nanotube. Her current research focus is on the development of liquid gated carbon nanotube transistor for biological sensing applications.
Research Interest:
  • carbon nanotube electronics and application
  • organic electronics fabrication and characterization
BioNotes:1999 - 2003:  BEng (Materials Engineering), Nanyang Technological University
2004 - 2006:  MEng (Materials Engineering), Nanyang Technological University


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