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Ding Ding (Dr)
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Precision Measurements
Introduction:Ding Ding received his B. Sci. in Engineering Physics from Brown University, USA and his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from California Institute of Technology, USA, in 2009 and 2016 respectively. From 2016 to 2017, he worked as a Research Associate in University of Colorado, Boulder. After that he joined the optics team in Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR). His current research interests include nanoscale heat transfer and thermal radiation photonics.
Research Interest:Nanoscale thermal physics, thermal radiation photonics, phonon physics

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, USA, Mar 2016
B.Sci., Brown University, USA, May 2009

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Vincent DiMase Fellowship, Brown University, 2008

Best Student Award in Engineering Physics, Brown University, 2009

Magna Cum Laude, Brown University, 2009

Chairman’s Honours List, A*STAR, 2009