Researcher Portfolio

Chua Beng Wah (Dr)
Associate Research Scientist
Forming Technology
Introduction:Dr Chua Beng Wah’s research expertise is in the area of metal forming and liquid forging of non-ferrous alloys and composites and powder processing of ceramic materials. He has also done work in the area of powder processing of nanostructured non-ferrous materials such as Mg alloys to study the change in deformation mechanism at the nano grain regime. Currently, Beng Wah is the principal investigator for the commercialisation effort of liquid forging technology. He is responsible for the translation of the research output into marketable products and/or process for the industry adoption.
Research Interest:Metal forming, liquid forging and material characterisation of non – ferrous alloys and composites, powder metallurgy of piezoelectric ceramics, non – ferrous nanostructured materials.
BioNotes:PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Materials Div), NUS 2006
MEng in Mechanical Engineering (Materials Div), NUS, 2000
BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, NUS, 1998

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Awards:Recipient of National Technology Award - 2008.