Researcher Portfolio

Jeremy Heiarii Ronald Yune (Dr)
Scientist I
Surface Technology

Dr Yune Jeremy is a Scientist in the Functional Coating Team, Surface Technology Group at SIMTech in Singapore. He has over 10 years of R&D experience in chemistry, materials and resources management and engineering for catalysis, renewable energy, waste-to-resource conversion and environmental management.

Prior to joining SIMTech in June 2016, he has worked on diverse research topics such as industrial ecology, circular economy, eco-industrial park, synthesis of hybrid mesoporous and nano-materials for dye-sensitized solar cells and catalysis in Paris Saclay Energy Efficiency, Tsinghua University, the “Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization” (ANSTO) in Sydney and at the University Montpellier 2.

Research Interest:
  • Functional coatings: ice-phobic, antimicrobial

  • Catalysis: Supported catalysis, photo-catalysis and chiral catalysis

  • Energy conversion: Solar cells, waste-to-energy

  • Material synthesis: Sol-gel, mesoporous silica, nanoparticle (e.g. titania dioxide, zinc oxide and silver oxide)

  • Environmental management: circular economy, industrial ecology, eco-industrial park, carbon footprint, carbon capture, utilization and storage and life cycle assessment


PhD in material chemistry, University Montpellier 2

M.Sc. in material chemistry, University Montpellier 2

Advanced master “International Environmental Management”, Mines ParisTech

Master of environmental engineering, Tsinghua University

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